Zhang Youjun: Electrical engineer is responsible for the project

For electrical engineers, lighting is a part of his work. Electrical is a comprehensive technology that includes lighting, HVAC, air conditioning, wiring, and more. It applies optical and electrical technologies as well as architectural, indoor and other issues. It is widely used in all aspects of production and life, such as factories, shops, schools, stations, hotels, families, etc. In terms of lighting, different environments require electrical engineers to have different understandings of lighting. With the development of production and science and technology, as well as people's need for material life, lighting requirements are getting higher and higher, and electrical engineers are coming. The more attention is paid to the importance of lighting.
In this regard, Aladdin Lighting Network reporter visited a number of design institute electrical engineers, on April 20, Shenzhen trip visited Shenzhen Municipal Design and Research Institute Zhang Youjun deputy chief engineer.

According to Zhanggong, the design institute is responsible for the preliminary design work of the project, and is not responsible for the construction, but the design must be responsible for the entire project, especially the electrical aspects. Although lighting is one part of electrical, it occupies a very important position.

According to Zhanggong, the design institute is responsible for the drafting of standards related to road lighting in Shenzhen. The current draft outline is still being improved.

Aladdin lighting network editor Gillian and Zhanggong (right)

Profile of Zhang Youjun:

Director of China Lighting Society

Standing Committee Member of Shenzhen Building Electrical Society

Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Lighting Society

Aladdin Lighting Network Expert Library member

Zhang Youjun Aladdin blog: http://blog.alighting.cn/1109

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