Ya Ya TV installs third-party application tutorials via U disk

Yingya NS-58E895CN14 installs a sofa housekeeper through U disk or SD card. Other models of NS-58E895CN14 may also refer to this tutorial.

Installation process 1 Download the sofa butler installation file to U disk or SD card → 2U disk to insert Yingya NS-58E895CN14 USB interface → 3 Local play Open the installation file → 4 Installation is successful

1, TV plug in U disk, in the application mall to download a few APP applications, do not install, this time the file will be downloaded to the U disk inside the download cache directory inside;

2. Baidu searches for "Sofa Manager" to enter the sofa network and downloads the sofa butler package; or click the link (http://app.shafa.com/shafa.apk) to download the sofa butler package.

Copy the downloaded apk installation package to the U disk.

Then rename your downloaded APK to the same name as the file in the download cache directory.

3, the U disk back to the TV, to the task manager to install, the name seems to be the Mall's APP, in fact, is a sofa butler.

If you still cannot read the USB flash drive, you are advised to format the USB flash drive in FAT32 format first (if there is any other content in the USB flash drive, export it and then format it) or try another USB flash drive.

If the installation fails, restart the device and try again by following the steps. Still have questions please add the following sofa butler official QQ group.

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