What is the difference between a TV box and an ordinary set-top box?

In the 1980s, there was a black-and-white TV that could be watched by the whole village. In the 1990s, the “big belly” TV set entered millions of households. In the 00s, people pursued “thinness”; and nowadays, people are seeking diversity. The changes in smart TVs and TV boxes have fully demonstrated the progress of the times. TV box quickly seizes a place in the smart home appliance market due to features such as massive resources, rich functions, and low-end selling prices.

The advent of TV boxes changed the way people watched television with only a few pitiful TV channels, increased local channels, and enriched video content. Over time, "smart TV boxes" gradually appeared in everyone's eyes. Many friends are asking, what is the difference between a TV box and an ordinary set-top box?

Ordinary set-top boxes are generally referred to as digital set-top boxes. Such set-top boxes are the most popular type of traditional home. Although the number of TV channels has increased, the disadvantages are gradually being excavated, such as poor picture quality and poor reception signals. Need to pay a certain cable TV costs, if you want to see other channels need to pay a part of the channel costs.

Smart TV box is much better, as long as you have a network, you can watch high-definition network movies, watching live TV is no longer subject to channel restrictions, as long as you want to see, as long as there are channels, all under control.

Smart TV box advantages:

1, watching TV: You can watch the webcast, video, whether it is on the network or external storage devices, want to see how to look.

2, play the game: You can install the game, like how to play how to play.

3, installed applications: Watch video, TV QQ, browser and other software how to security how to security.

Of course, there are also some of the disadvantages:

The requirements for network transmission will be higher. In the case of a bad network, the speed of transmission may be affected, which is the legendary Caton.

Users who are interested in the TV box can also pay attention to what the TV box is.

Difference between TV box and ordinary set-top box:

1. The TV box is accessed through the network and passes through the network cable; the common set-top box is through the coaxial cable.

2. The TV box accesses the Internet through a network cable or a wireless wifi, transforms into a small computer, installs programs, chats, watches videos, and plays games. Ordinary set-top boxes have fixed programs and cannot control TV programs by themselves. The functions are simple.


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