Unreal Engine 4 Gorgeously Creates "Three-body VR" Plan Announced

In addition to the "Unearthing Mars" VR mini-movie, the company also announced the release of "Virgin's Song Zero VR", "Qing Ming Shang He Tu VR" and "Three-body VR", and opened the "Three Kingdoms VR" experience on the spot.

"Three-body" movie poster

In May of this year, CD-ROM and Epic Games announced that they will jointly hold an Unreal Engine 4 game design competition overseas, especially encouraging the development of VR game content. At the time, Jingjing Technology further stated that the company is developing a variety of VR works at the same time. It is expected that 10 VR works will be released next year and all will be developed using Unreal 4.

With regard to the plans of these 10 works, the sci-fi works “Secret Plan” to explore the ancient civilization of Mars, the historical drama “Project Tres” of the Three Kingdoms, and the IP of the Virgin of the Virgo of VR have been publicized. 》 Today, the official formally announced the development of "Three-body VR" in cooperation with the Youzu Network. It is developed by Youjing Technology and launched by the Youzu Network.

"Three-body" movie poster

"Three-body" is a long science fiction novel written by Liu Cixin. It consists of "Three-body", "Three-body II, Dark Forest", "Three-body III, and Death-for-life". The work tells the exchange of information on the Earth's human civilization and the three-body civilization. , life and death fighting and the rise and fall of the two civilizations in the universe. The official particularly emphasized that the first translation of Liu Yukun won the 73rd Hugo Award for best novel.

In addition, the official also announced that the "Qing Ming Shang He Tu VR," which is currently being developed in the National Song Dynasty paintings of the Northern Song Dynasty, will allow VR technology to allow the experiencer to visit the Qing Ming Shang He Tu world in the Northern Song Dynasty.

Qing Ming Shang He Tu

The on-site official also preemptively opened the "Three Kingdoms VR" experience. In the game, the player will be the incarnation of Liu Bei. All kinds of objects in the game can be used (except candlesticks), like writing brush, and the true touch of the friends will be felt when writing. And the strokes are also very delicate, the instrument can also be played and the melodious sound can be heard. Later, the sound of military intelligence will be heard in the ear and gradually come from a distance, and later you will see Zhang Fei, Xu Hao, Guan Yu debut in succession, and require players to pick up weapons and join the battlefield.

Currently, the VR works being developed by the only crystal technology in addition to the PlayStation VR and HTC Vive will also have works in the future with Oculus Touch officially launched.

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