Traxon and Haver & Boecker collaborate to launch the IMAGIC WEAVE solution for the translucent media facade

As the global leader in LED lighting systems, Traxon Technologies (Traxon) and Germany's Haver & Boecker, which has the world's leading metal weaving technology, have formed a strategic alliance to jointly launch IMAGIC WEAVE, an innovative light-transmissive media facade lighting solution. Combining innovative stainless steel grid design with state-of-the-art LED technology, combined with the expertise and experience of both parties, it provides a media lighting project for airports, stadiums, shopping malls, skyscrapers, parking lots and other large buildings. Perfect and flexible solution. The building is equipped with a highly transmissive media display, IMAGIC WEAVE, which is like a dazzling second layer of skin and can be used as a high-quality and efficient light-insulating insulation layer.

This time, we will work together to launch the innovative IMAGIC WEAVE as the best solution for comprehensive media lighting, and create an unexpected and unexpected lighting experience, especially in advertising applications, to provide customers with a satisfactory return on investment. The first IMAGIC WEAVE installation was successfully completed in August 2009 at the exterior of the German headquarters in Haver & Boecker.

The product manager of Haver & Boecker in Germany said that he hopes to create a special lighting effect for the outdoor building facade project through the cooperation with Traxon and its experience in continuous lighting solutions.

Traxon's lighting control brand e:cue Lighting Control also provides control products for IMAGIC WEAVE, including Video Micro Converter, which uses DVI input signals to complete the integration of simple animated video content and adopts e:cue The specially designed communication protocol (e:pix) further enhances the control capabilities of the IMAGIC WEAVE lighting system. Especially for complex video lighting projects, the e:cue lighting control engine offers multiple features and creates special video effects. IMAGIC WEAVE combines the design of Haver & Boecker's premium stainless steel mesh with Traxon's advanced LED technology and is IP67 rated for a wide range of outdoor applications.

Traxon said that he relies on Haver & Boecker's experience in building facade projects and his precision technology for making metal meshes in accordance with the LED's exterior characteristics.

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