Touch-button application will be popular in home appliance market

Touch-button application will be popular in home appliance market
In recent years, touch technology is rapidly infiltrating different market segments. Although different types of touch technology, it is compared with the application of the key applications of other technologies and capacitive touch screens and the fastest growing penetration rate.
The buttons of the capacitive touch panel can be seen only in high-end products such as high-definition televisions, computer monitors, and kitchen appliances. Once, many companies are very active in touch technology to their entire product lines. People can almost see the commonly used capacitive touch technology in all consumer product lines of Samsung. The main reason is that using touch keys not only improves aesthetics and industrial design, but also increases reliability because of frequent use because capacitive touch keys do not wear out.
As the touch application market gradually heats up, touch ICs are becoming the main research direction of many MCU manufacturers. Hollyn Semiconductor, deputy general manager Chen Yinan, told the journalists in an interview that the cost of piezoelectric capacitors is lower compared to the reliability and cost of materials on the surface. The reason is mainly due to the use of a single capacitive ITO glass construction, no ITO film, transparency and very good performance in life.
Shenyang's current performance in the small household appliance market in mainland China can be good, with monthly shipments reaching around 800K, and the shortest delivery time is only one week. As the market accepts its products, it has been extended to range hood touch switches, cookers in multiple fields, water heaters, microwave ovens, blood pressure monitors, portable DVD players, laptops or televisions.
What is a touch screen TV? Chen Yizhen explained that he really touched the TV remote control. The touch-sensitive plastic form of all current keys makes the human-machine interface more beautiful. As for how the product's prospects are? It also needs to be known in order to pass strict market inspections.
Whether it is a dishwasher, Blu-ray player or smart phone manufacturer, will face many competitors, and its products are often difficult to distinguish between features and specifications. The elegant, compelling and intuitive user interface can stand out from the crowd and create the necessary consumer products in competition. Capacitive touch is obviously an important technology to help manufacturers achieve this goal.
Chen Yiyi believes that the main target market for home appliances, 3C, consumer electronics and other fields is the application of touch buttons. Therefore, since the first generation of touch switches and single-chip products introduced in Shenyang in early 2007, the market has begun to contact the IC layout. The current product is a major representative of the 8 control IC HT46R73D-3, its built-in touch key function, plus a rich variety of peripheral functions, especially for bridge sensor measurement systems that can be used to measure pressure, temperature, and humidity, Such as weight, pressure gauge, thermometer, hygrometer, tire pressure gauge and so on.
For different application markets, the technical requirements for touch integrated circuits change. Chen Yizhen analysis, portable products, energy saving, low power consumption, and the size of the main demand for compact size; and for automotive and medical products, misuse becomes unbearable, stability and reliability are the main appeal.
"In October, our third-generation single-chip touch switches will be released," Chen said in a new generation of lower power consumption, smaller and more suitable for use in portable electronic products.
Compared to the most important functional touch screen of popular mobile phones, touch buttons are low cost. Chen Yijun said that the design requirements of touch screen ICs for key applications are more complex and the technology is still in an exploratory stage, so the cost has become one of the factors that hinder its development. With vertical integration, touch IC design companies will cooperate on the panel from the very beginning, thereby shortening the development cycle and reducing the cost. Finally, in the area of ​​capacitive touch buttons, we will see a growing trend toward using transparent capacitive buttons on the display.

Neck bluetooth headset - a bluetooth headset with headphone cables or accessories running from the neck to the ear when wearing. It is a product developed in recent years.

Born: in order to solve the boring when running or control the exercise rhythm, many people choose to listen to music,however, experienced people all know that because of the swing in the process of exercise, the earphones are easy to fall off, which makes it difficult to run coherently and constantly ,under this circumstance, the Bluetooth Neckband Headphones was designed.


1: There is no restrained from headphone cables.

2: In line with the development trend of headphones: From the perspective of the development trend of consumer headphones,  bluetooth neckband headphones should be regarded as the general trend. Whether it is sports headset or head-worn headset, many manufacturers are vigorously developing bluetooth headset to occupy the market.

3: Not affected by audio interface

More and more flagship mobile phones are also trying to cancel the audio interface, which is the important reason for the generation of bluetooth neckband headset. As long as the device that supports bluetooth music play is ok, the audio interface will not be considered.

4: No burden when running

Sports neck hanging bluetooth headset is light and easy to wear, more convenient and fast storage, no knot, more relaxed entertainment sports, let you run zero burden.

5: Waterproof and sweat-proof are very important

When exercising, people will sweat a lot, which may cause some damage to the ears. The bluetooth neckband headphones adopts the IPX5 waterproof design, which is more suitable for sports scenes. Especially in summer, when sweat is easy to happen, it is necessary to use the bluetooth neckband headphones.

Bluetooth Neckband Headphones

Bluetooth Neckband Headphones

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