TI Introduces Wireless Headphone Reference Design PurePath Wireless CC8530

21ic Texas Instruments (TI) announces the second device in the PurePathTM Wireless audio portfolio, bringing the latest in consumer, portable and high-end audio. The 2.4 GHz CC8530 radio frequency (RF) system-on-chip not only delivers uncompressed wireless audio over a highly robust RF link, but also supports digital streaming of up to 4 audio channels. In addition, TI has simultaneously introduced the CC85XXDK-HEADSET development kit and reference design as part of the PurePath Wireless audio family. As the lowest-cost, high-quality headset and earpiece product on the market, the design costs less than $5 for high-volume production in high-volume production and 22 hours with 465 mAh, compared to existing headsets. Life expectancy can be extended by 100%.

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Erling Simensen, TI's wireless audio product marketing manager, stated: "PurePath Wireless audio products highlight TI's industry-leading expertise in the digital audio and wireless connectivity market. We have completed all of the post-production work with this latest wireless headset reference design. The prototype can be built in less than a day. The CC8530 can send two stereo streams to several receivers via an audio source, enabling an exciting new experience for wireless headsets and multi-channel home audio applications, such as There is no need to connect a surround sound system in the home, and an earpiece that can be easily switched between the two audio streams provided by the unified stereo system."

Robert Wills, president of InterSource OEM Inc. / Claridy Amps, a professional audio design company, said: "TI PurePath Wireless technology helps us design industry-leading wireless audio products. With PurePath Wireless technology, our high-quality design solutions provide no connectivity. Multi-point audio streaming of the line, our audio system can be expanded to 4 speakers and cover two stereo listening areas. Our products such as Sound of Lights wireless speakers, a large number of customers to give feedback, are getting more and more People's attention. We look forward to continuing to work with the TI team."

Key Features and Benefits of the CC8530 Solution • Multi-channel audio streaming features:
o Four speakers can receive independent audio streams from wireless base stations;
o Up to four handsets can receive A or B stereo audio from the same base station.
• Complete solution: RF protocol, microcontroller, audio codec setup support, application design;
• No software development required: Free Configurator PC software tools for easy configuration;
• High quality of service supports digital wireless audio transmission:
o Excellent coexistence with Bluetooth® technology, WLAN and other 2.4 GHz standards;
o Distributed audio clock supports synchronous wireless speakers;
o Low latency for better synchronization between audio and video;
o No annoying noise (噼噗 or hum, etc.);
o High average voltage drop time (MTBD) compared to existing solutions;
o Eliminates the distortion of speech that is common in competing proprietary systems;
o Supports 16-bit 44.1 KHz or 48 KHz audio without any compression.
• Compatible with various TI audio codecs, such as TLV320AIC3204, TLV320AIC3254, TLV320AIC3256, TLV320AIC3101, Class D amplifier TAS5708, TAS5710, TAS5713, TAS5727, CC2590 coverage extender, and BQ25015 power management device.

Key features and benefits of the CC85XXDK-HEADSET development kit • 22 hours of operation with a 465mAh battery: 100% longer battery life than current standard headphones;
• All components are from TI;
• Low cost design to support high quality wireless headphones and earpieces;
• Convenient testing of complete handset and headset functions;
• Full programming with the PurePath Wireless Configurator PC tool;
• Includes TI BQ25015 power management device, low power TLV320AIC3204 audio codec and CC2590 coverage extender.

Tools, Availability, and Packaging The multi-channel CC8530 is available now and can be ordered through TI and its authorized distributors. The solution is available in a ROHS-compliant 6 mm x 6 mm QFN-40 package. Future devices in this product line will also include CC8521 (supporting dual channel and USB) and CC8531 (supporting 4 channels and USB).

The latest CC85XXDK-HEADSET development kit is available now and can be ordered through the TI e-store. The kit comes with a free reference design for wireless headphones.

The CC85XXDK development kit for the CC85XX product line last year provides all the necessary hardware and software for evaluating the CC8530. The kit can be ordered through the TI e-store.

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