The ultimate investigation of the domestic LED lighting regional market

First, the sales market through the recent visit to 10 integrated supermarkets, 1 building materials supermarket, 1 home appliance supermarket, and 10 lighting franchise stores, the current LED lighting sales market has the following characteristics:
1. LED lighting products are currently limited to limited varieties in the terminal sales market: flashlights, table lamps, night lights, headlights, camping lights. Among them, except for LED flashlights, which are available on most supermarket shelves, other varieties are only available in some supermarkets and specialty stores. The LED desk lamp is composed of a plurality of ordinary high-brightness LEDs, and its brightness is limited, and basically cannot be used as reading illumination.
2. The price of the above varieties available in the market is not significantly different from the traditional lamps. Therefore, it is possible to quickly enter the terminal sales market.

3. Sales staff are not very familiar with LED lighting products. Most ordinary consumers know nothing about LEDs. The products sold in different markets are all from the same one or two brands. It can be seen that it is the result of the efforts of a few manufacturers, and consumers are only very passive to accept limited information.
4. When it comes to high-power LED spotlights and other lighting fixtures, most domestic salespeople did not show any special interest, and their prices reacted strongly and were considered unacceptable.
Second, the supply market through the unannounced visits to more than 10 LED manufacturers, the analysis of the supply market of LED lighting, has the following characteristics:
1. At present, almost all LED manufacturers are dominated by foreign sales, and domestic sales are almost zero. Among them, the export market is dominated by the US market, followed by the European market. It has a very small market share.
2. LED manufacturers' LED lighting products mainly include: high-power LED spotlights, high-power PAR series spotlights, ordinary high-brightness LED bulbs, LED strips and modules, LED rainbow lights, ordinary high-brightness LEDs Table lamps, among which high-power LED spotlights are the most popular, are produced by almost all LED lighting manufacturers. There are 1X1W, 3X1W, 1X3W. The average price is about 1W or 3WUSD9.0-12.00, three 1WUSD13.0-15.0. The product shape of each manufacturer is very small, but the quality is very different.
3. The chips selected by domestic manufacturers are: SEOUL (KOREA), EDISON (TAIWAN), CREE (USA), LUXEON (USA), PROLIGHT (TAIWAN), HANDSON (CHINA)

4. Although export sales have increased year by year in the past two years, basically, the order volume is not very large. Has not yet entered the state of mass production.
5. The number of domestic manufacturers has risen sharply in the past two years. The competition is increasing, and at the same time, due to the lack of differentiation of products, the whole industry has entered the stage of price competition in advance.
Third, consumers, however, some new squares, communities, public events, you can see LED buried lights and LED projection lights. However, LED buried lights are often seen as water vapor condensation on the glass cover due to insufficient waterproof performance, and some may not even light up normally. The LED projection lamp has a limited projection effect due to insufficient LED brightness. Life issues and brightness issues are two of the biggest problems that plague consumers.
The exterior wall decorative lights, contour lights and bridge decorative lights of the building are widely used for LEDs. Almost all new landscape decoration projects are based on LEDs, with beautiful colors, varied and very good results.
Fourth, market opportunity analysis Combined with the characteristics of the supply market and the sales market, the overall situation of the current domestic market is analyzed as follows:
Although in the field of LED decoration, LED has the characteristics that other materials can not be replaced, it has basically been recognized. However, in the field of LED general lighting, although the industry is full of expectations, the final consumer market is still dealing with an enlightenment. In the stage, especially for ordinary consumers, it takes a long process to get LED lights into thousands of households. The price factor will become a primary bottleneck for domestic consumption. At present, for the MR16 spotlight, the price at the current cost will be above RMB100, while the price of an ordinary MR16 halogen lamp is only RMB 8 for the RMB. Left and right. If you can't reduce the price to less than 2-3 times that of traditional lighting, this replacement will be difficult to achieve. It must be said that China is still in an era of extensive economics, and the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection is still weak.

However, in order to have a substantial decline in cost, it is first required to have a major breakthrough in technology. 1) Further improve the luminous efficiency of high-power LEDs and reduce the number of light-emitting sources to reduce costs. 2) Find new ways to dissipate heat. At present, aluminum alloy heat dissipation is used, and the cost is very high. And the higher the luminous efficiency in the future, the higher the cost of the heat dissipating components will increase. 3) LED optical lens Due to the technical confidentiality of the industry, only a few manufacturers produce, so the price is also high.
Therefore, the fate of LED lighting manufacturers can be said to be in the hands of its upstream material suppliers. Although some expect 2 years - 3 years - 5 years, there are opportunities. But what we need to think about is: When is the best time to enter the domestic market? How to make us stand out from the crowd of manufacturers? How to differentiate our products from simple price competition? Will our technical strength be reflected in shape design or electronic design? How to find a cooling solution that saves money and looks beautiful?

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