The sixth phase of LED lighting technology enterprise practical training class Ningbo grand opening

On May 28-29, 2010, the "Sixth LED Lighting Technology Enterprise Practical Training Class" sponsored by the China Lighting Society Education and Training Working Committee and the China Lighting Network official website of China Lighting Association was grandly opened at the Party School of Ningbo Municipal Committee of Zhejiang Province. Representatives attending this training course are from LED production, LED lighting design and development personnel, LED lighting application field design, market management supervisor, installation engineering technology and management personnel, testing institutions, research institutes and other personnel. This training continues from a practical and practical perspective, focusing on the difficulties and key technologies of LED lighting in application design. From point to point, it is a very rare training and promotion opportunity.


Professor Wang Xitian seriously lectures

In the opening speech, Chen Yumei, general manager of China Lighting Network, pointed out to everyone: At present, although China is already a big LED industry in terms of scale, China still has a gap from the international advanced level in the technical field. She also gave a general introduction to the LED lighting products in the Expo application on May 1 this year. The LED lighting products were introduced to the participants in the Expo application. The entire Expo site is about 60%-70% of the lighting is used. The LED lighting products have greatly reduced the lighting energy consumption and broke the lighting limitation of the traditional light source. The Expo Park has become the world's largest LED demonstration zone. I hope that in the future, we will pay more attention to first-line technology, focus on the frontier, and focus on innovation hotspots. In this training, we can learn more and better practical and practical techniques. Work together to solve the deep problems in the current industry, such as weak independent innovation capability, core processes and technologies, and lack of formula development.


The students are humbly learning from Professor Wang.

In the training class, Professor Fang Zhilie from Fudan University gave a detailed explanation of the LED lighting principle, LED material selection, packaging technology development, and low-power LED packaging process. Finally, the development direction of power LED was introduced. Another professor from Guangxi University, Professor Wang Xitian, on the topic of "Power Design and Application of LED Lamps", from the draft of the electric energy star LED bulb specification, the power supply design of LED lamps, the LED lamp series and parallel, systematically explain. General Manager of Hangzhou Zheda Tricolor Instrument Co., Ltd., Gao Jian Wang Jianping, and Director of Operational Strategy Center of Taiwan Youshang Co., Ltd. Huang Zhihui also respectively on the "LED lighting product testing methods", ""High-power LED heat treatment technology and application" currently in the industry The difficult hotspots train the trainees.


Part 6 teacher and student group photo of the actual training course of the LED lighting technology enterprise

Through two days of hard work, the students have systematically mastered the knowledge of LED packaging technology, LED lamp power supply design, and high-power LED heat treatment technology and application.

In accordance with the "China LED Lighting Technology Improvement and Practical Training Program" of the China Lighting Society Education and Training Working Committee and China Lighting Network, we will continue to organize a number of training courses in conjunction with the actual situation of the company, and strive to make greater contributions to the development of China's lighting industry. !

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