The role of voltage control elements in power systems

< p> For non-resonant frequency converters, a soft-switching conversion circuit is used, which is a method to control the voltage and current to slowly change when they start to rise.

As switching elements, bipolar transistors are generally used, and conveyor belt manufacturers have recently used a large number of insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) and power metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFET) in the range of small and medium power. In the high power range, gate-off thyristor (GTO) components are used.

IGBT is a voltage control element. It is simpler than the current-controlled bipolar transistor input control circuit. It is an element with high withstand voltage, low on-voltage, and fast switching speed. Because the control loop is simple, it can produce an intelligent power module IPM that encapsulates power components, drive loops, and protection loops together.

The GTO element is a thyristor element that can be turned off and turned on. It is used in a high-power PWM conversion circuit. At present, components with rated parameters of 4.5kV / 4kA have been developed. Since the switching frequency of the GTO element is about several hundred hertz, the problem is that the interference of the voltage and current waveforms at low frequencies is large. Currently, a new dual-gate MOS gate thyristor (DUGMOT) device that is aimed at low loss is being further developed.

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