The price is less than half of the washing machine prototype is worth not worth

People who visit home appliance stores should understand that the prototypes used for display and display in the store are often treated at a price lower than half the market price due to slight wear and tear for some other reasons. However, in the end, the prototype is not reliable, and the prototype of the washing machine is worth not worth it? Come check it out. Washing machine prototype

With a constant current of IC, the working voltage of the IC is 12-24V. As long as the voltage is not lower than the rated voltage, the current of each led beacon will be consistent.It is made of high-brightness LED (LED is made of imported chip---high brightness, good electrical).

 No pressure drop can be achieved over a specific length and voltage.Suitable for urban lighting projects,home decoration, bars, dance halls, cars, indoor/outdoor advertising and interior and exterior contours of various high-end venues

Constant Current LED Strip

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