The original innovator surprised the new 43-inch 4K WHALEY Whale WTV43K1 TV out of the box

This is where I'm worth buying.

Reasons to purchase

The new home was renovated and the original 55-inch LeTV had been bought. Later, it was found that this size was a bit small for the distance of sight of 4.2. It was not admirable, and it was ready for 70 inches. There is no suitable brand at the moment, considering the 70-inch of Millet and the 70-inch of LeTV. However, membership fees and programs have given me some hesitation. But if you have a baby in your family who needs to watch the children's songs and dance, then you should buy a 43-inch one. It's good to come back to the bedroom. Internet TV I most valued the playback effects and program resources, the micro whale's TV is in full compliance with the decisive start.

Appearance Gallery

Many of the purchase evaluations of the micro-whales have shown that the screens will be rotten in transit. Only when power is turned on will they appear. However, since electricity is used to contact the people behind the sale, it is irresponsible, so all kinds of disputes will be avoided. To this annoying thing, decisively selected Taobao Bao Shunfeng shop purchase. Open the box, the four corners of the television have foam protection but the screen is indeed vacant. This may be the reason why many violent courier will transport the screen. Therefore, we must buy SF or Jingdong preferred, we must check the power and then let the courier go, otherwise we will eat after-sales loss.

This Taobao store is very good, but also gave the original pylons, selfie stick or something. The package of the micro whale is very simple, with a thin maintenance instruction, and the remote control is equipped with a battery, and the inner six parts of the mounting base are very intimate designs.

Installed screws will give one more, to prevent accidental loss of what, these details make people very good feelings.

experience feelings

The first three or four times boot special long! ! To a few minutes, I once suspected that my TV was faulty - -BUT!! After these few times is basically a second! Seconds! Spike music as the boot ad. After entering this is a clean interface, which is different from the LeTV broadcast channel program. The following is the interface of the source, you can choose to play the channel of the program

This is the main interface, there is viewing history and collections (for chase drama). The Movie Channel was set up for friends who loved movies, and it was very humanized! ! This design is in line with the habits of the average person, and is much more convenient than LeTV. Moreover, the feedback speed of the remote control is extremely fast, without any sense of delay.

First choose a baby to see the children's songs to jump up ~, children's songs resources are enough to use with LeTV. There are many English songs and animations. Relies mainly on Tencent video

This is the recommended interface, this is similar to the main interface of LeTV, there is a concentrated recommendation of TV dramas and movies or music

There is also a documentary channel. The content of this channel is similar to that of LeTV. However, the program is not the same and each has its own interest.

Content is the strength of the micro whale. Not only has its own resources, but also uses Tencent's resources in cooperation with Tencent. Many movie theaters can be seen directly in the micro-whale, such as Tencent's World of Warcraft - -, I am a full-time professional Warcraft player in the 70s, that day and night without land reclamation let me fall down a cervical spondylosis ··· Loved it AFK 8 years later, still hear the background music of Warcraft is still upsurge. At the time when the movie theater was first launched, they looked at the well-made backgrounds and characters in the movie. I was familiar with flags, storms, and the darkness of the door. Too many people were full of enthusiasm. So when I saw World of Warcraft on the Little Whale, I actually was quite pleasantly surprised. Open it up and see it again. The introduction of the program with watercress score can also be commented on, is also more in line with public habits

Sound effect is good, there are grand scenes, my TV cabinet can have resonance, personal feel that the color is not bad

I don’t know if it’s a 4K screen relationship. When I’m close to a character, I feel very good. It’s very delicate and I like it very much. It’s possible that the phone didn’t capture that exquisite impression, but the actual picture quality is really good.

to sum up

Advantages: Good image quality, no start-up advertising, remote control feedback, system is very consistent with the use of habits, powerful voice remote control want to see what direct. The content is rich, and the large-scale update of the cinema is very fast and the sound effect is also good.

Disadvantages: the screen is not fixed with the frame, poke the screen inside, the screen will move -, many people respond to this problem that is a big gap, but customer service to answer is this process. Well, this process is really. The remote control is too small and too dark. It often blends in with the sundries. If you use it, you can't find it. Members are divided into several levels. Currently, the landlord uses a platinum membership that is randomly presented. Watching TV movies is enough, but some programs are There is a limit to see, you need platinum membership seems to forget what to call.

When the landlord doubled in 2020, it was used for almost a week. It didn't regret it at all and it was worth it. So much content was really pleasant. Recommended purchase. I'm not LeTV. Let's be my first smart TV. I have a feeling for it. It's better than the craft of the whale. Just now LeTV has discovered a lot of internal problems after the problems with funds. It's a little bit of a wall down. All my dad is using LeEr's mobile phone. To be honest, it's very good, the pixels are particularly high, and the price/performance ratio is particularly high. One year spent Huaping, after the sale is also free for a screen. Actually, it is very distressing for the current LeTV. You say that you are good to be a TV station. Personally, you feel that the speed of development is too fast, and that the ecological chain has not done so has become a drag. So that when LeTV is opened, there are no new TV dramas and movies. It is very lost. I wonder if LeTV has no funds to purchase film sources. Hopefully, LeTV will get back on track after a series of rectifications.

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