The main features of GPS global positioning system

GPS is the abbreviation of English Global Positioning System, and its Chinese is abbreviated as "ball system". GPS is a new generation of space satellite navigation and positioning system jointly developed by the US Army, Navy and Air Force in the 1970s.

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Key features of the Global Positioning System:

(1) Work globally and around the clock.

(2) High positioning accuracy. The positioning accuracy of the single machine is better than 10m, and the differential positioning is adopted, and the precision can reach the centimeter level and the millimeter level.

(3) Many functions and wide application.

The characteristics of the GPS system: high precision, all weather, high efficiency, multi-function, easy operation, wide application, etc., mainly reflected in:

1, high positioning accuracy

Application practice has proved that the relative positioning accuracy of GPS can reach 10-6 within 50KM, 10-7m for 100-500KM, and 10-9m for 1000KM. In the precision positioning of 300-1500M engineering, the plane position error of the solution is less than 1mm when the observation is more than 1 hour. Compared with the side length measured by the ME-5000 electromagnetic wave range finder, the side length difference is 0.5mm, the difference is The medium error is 0.3mm.

2, short observation time

With the continuous improvement of the GPS system, the software is constantly updated. At present, the relative static positioning within 20KM takes only 15-20 minutes. When the fast static relative positioning measurement, when each rover is within 15KM from the reference station, the flow The station observation time takes only 1-2 minutes, and then it can be positioned at any time, and each station observation takes only a few seconds.

With the deepening of people's understanding of GPS, GPS has not only been widely used in measurement, navigation, speed measurement, time measurement, etc., but its application field is expanding.

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