The five giants made a sound and OLED led the future development of display technology

At 10:00 am on September 22, 2016, Beijing time, a grand event was held in Xi'an, the historical and cultural city of the ancient capital of the thirteenth dynasty and the starting point of the Silk Road. Dimensions of China OLED Industry Development Alliance, Gome and domestic home appliance industries Skyworth, Konka and Changhong were held at Xi'an Taibai GOME Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. and the OLED Alliance Forum and Organic Television Festival press conference was held. Mr. Peng Jianfeng, Deputy Secretary-General of China Electronic Video Industry Association and Secretary-General of China OLED Industry Development Alliance, Mr. Park Junyong, General Manager of Product Promotion of LGD China, Mr. Dang Xiaobing, General Manager of Xi’an Gome Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., and China Sales Marketing Headquarters, Skyworth Group, Shaanxi, China Mr. Wang Hongyong, general manager of the company, Mr. Zhang Fajin, general manager of Konka Northwest Region and general manager of Xi’an Branch, and Mr. Shi Lei, general manager of Xi’an Sales Branch of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. attended the conference. At the conference, several big brothers shared their voices and pushed the television health scene to a new height.

With the continuous upgrading of color TV display technology and the rise of smart TVs, the upgrading of color TVs has accelerated, and the smoke around the innovative display technology of color TVs has begun to permeate. With the selection of different display technologies, major manufacturers have their own strategic layout. Skyworth, LG, Changhong, Konka and other color TV manufacturers have all laid out OLEDs. For consumers, what kind of TV is still very confusing? From the perspective of global color TV manufacturers Qi Qi to the OLED market, OLED TVs are the best choice. .

The rise of OLED display revolution

Since Professor Deng Qingyun discovered the OLED material in 1987, this innovative material heralded the potential for unlimited future expansion of display technology, and also set off a global boom in OLED research and development. OLED is a self-luminous display technology based on organic thin films. It has numerous advantages such as ultra-thin, ultra-wide viewing angle, flexible and curlable, high color gamut, and transparency. In various application fields, OLEDs have the advantage that LCDs cannot match. As the father of OLED, Deng Qingyun also predicted that OLED will become the core of display technology and gradually replace the existing LCD technology in the next two to three years.

Since the beginning of 2015, the domestic color TV market has slowed its growth rate, the total market volume has dropped significantly, and there has been a shortage of liquid crystal display technology innovation. Internet manufacturers have entered the market, and content-driven gimmicks continue to induce consumers to continue to lower prices, causing many consumers to Due to neglect of hardware technology in the market, the color TV industry urgently needs to make breakthroughs in display technology and suppress this “bad” competition through product technology innovation. The emergence of OLED has become a turning point, with LCD display unparalleled advantages, hung in the industry a wave of OLED style, international color TV LG, domestic, including Skyworth, Changhong, Konka, etc., are actively Layout OLED, and strive to seize this opportunity. The Secretary-General of the China OLED Industry Alliance also stated that OLED will be a new breakthrough direction in the future, and the industrial chain and all machine manufacturers should face this era and respond positively.

As the development trend of TV in the future, OLED display technology has attracted worldwide attention, and it has also been seen as a new breakthrough in the growth of the TV industry. At the beginning of development, positioning high-end organic OLED TVs was widely recognized by many manufacturers and consumers for their high-quality, light-weight design and other technical advantages. According to the AVC industry chain data, global shipments of OLED TVs were 400,000 units in 2015, which was a four-fold increase from 2014; shipments of OLED TVs increased to 1.3 million units in 2016. It is expected that global OLED TV shipments will continue to climb in the next two years, and in 2016 to 2017, it will maintain a 400% growth rate in China. Many complete machine manufacturers represented by Skyworth, LG, Konka, and Changhong have formed a firm OLED camp. Even those who once vowed not to make OLEDs have changed their attitudes, increased investment in OLED, and announced a new era. arrival.

OLED TV, creating a new era of health and vision

OLED is a kind of healthy man-made plane illumination light source, which has characteristics such as high brightness, high contrast, fast response, no viewing angle limitation, high and low temperature resistance, energy saving and environmental protection. Each of its solid particles has a self-luminous ability and does not emit high-risk "harmful blue light" of 415-455nm to the human body. OLEDs, which the industry calls the next-generation display technology, have abandoned the "highlighted lamp" luminaries that cause harm to the user's eyeballs. It uses 4-color 4K self-illumination to minimize the harmful blue light of this part. It can almost ignore the fundamental damage to the user's eyes, but because it revolutionizes each sub-pixel to achieve independent light, it does not affect the color rendering, but let the color lossless output, more real, more soft. OLED TV is not only the perfect combination of technology and trend, but also the perfect combination of innovative technology and health technology. Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to health. This has become the development trend of modern life. Skyworth S9D uses a wonderful and cool scene beyond the imagination of users to enter the TV screen to open the "new vision" door; "self-luminous, healthier" OLED organic television allows users to bring health, the ultimate quality experience to create a healthy concept New era of film. At the end of August 2016, Skyworth, which has been committed to the development of OLED display technology, has released a new Skyworth OLED organic TV S9D. Changhong and Konka have also launched new OLED products. Realize the display breakthrough from LED backlit liquid crystals to self-luminous OLEDs. I believe that with the promotion of more manufacturers, OLED will enter the hundreds of millions of families faster.

The China OLED Industry Alliance, the United States and the United States and the three major color TV manufacturers took the lead in launching "see the world not see" OLED Alliance Forum and Organic TV Festival, set off OLED 1000 popular storm, to bring real colors to 1000 users experience At the same time, during the period of 11th purchase of OLED, the iPhone7 purchase fund of RMB 7,000 was undoubtedly a boon to the consumers. OLED technology, as the high-end technology of the display industry, is bound to bring to consumers who have purchasing needs. Real offers. During the Golden Week of the 11th, you can go to the hypermarkets of Xi'an Gome, buy an OLED TV, and lead the whole family into a new era of health watching!

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Splicer Fusion

Optical fiber fusion splicer is mainly used for the construction and maintenance of optical cable in optical communication, so it is also called optical cable fusion splicer. The general working principle is to use a high-voltage arc to melt the sections of the two optical fibers while using a high-precision motion mechanism to gently advance the two optical fibers into one, so as to realize the coupling of the optical fiber mode fields.

Optical fiber fusion splicer is mainly used in:
Construction, maintenance and emergency repairs of optical cable lines of telecommunications operators, communication engineering companies, and public institutions;
Experiment, production and testing of optical devices;
Teaching and research related to optical fiber communication in major colleges and universities.
Ordinary optical fiber fusion splicers generally refer to single-core optical fiber fusion splicers. In addition, there are ribbon optical fiber fusion splicers specially used to splice ribbon optical fibers, sheath fusion splicers for splicing sheathed optical cables and jumpers, and splice protection Polarization maintaining fiber fusion splicer for polarized fiber, etc.
According to different alignment methods, fiber fusion splicers can be divided into two categories: cladding-aligned and core-aligned. The cladding alignment type is mainly suitable for occasions such as low-requirement fiber to the home, so the price is relatively low; the core alignment type fiber fusion splicer is equipped with a precision six-motor core alignment mechanism, a specially designed optical lens and software algorithms, which can Accurately identify the fiber type and automatically select the matching splicing mode to ensure the splicing quality. The technical content is high, so the price will be relatively high.

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