The characteristics of access control system with double bus architecture

EXCEL, a branch product of the EX series, has a TCP / IP module for a long time, and the market is positioned for small-scale access control, and the wiring is not very convenient. Because TCP / IP networking has also tended to be a large-scale access control system, the EX series of dual buses has also been adjusted, and you can choose to install a TCP / IP module.

Features of EX series access control system with double bus architecture: (1) Expand the control host to a flexible 16-door controller, 2 doors, 4 doors, 6 doors ... 16 doors can be selected.

(2) Expand the number of gates managed by a port.

(3) Communication uses full-duplex and half-duplex, and increases the communication rate to ensure smooth communication.

(4) All control units have independent memory and CPU to ensure that any point of communication is disconnected and the access control function is not affected.

(5) All control units adopt 2 door modules, and the fault affected area is small.

(6) While supporting TCP / IP networking, it also retains the Modem connection mode, which can flexibly form various access control networks.

(7) The 16 doors composed of master controller and slave controller can be programmed offline by hot-swap keyboard. In small-scale access control systems, there is no need to pay the cost of large-scale access control software.

(8) The access control unit adopts a modular design, and replacing the module does not require rewiring.

(9) The access control unit has its own authentication method, there is no need to set its physical address on the bus, and debugging is convenient.

(10) Retain the original and unique function that each control unit can connect different types of card readers.

(11) Each access control unit adds 16 hardware counters, which can manage the statistics of passers-by and vehicles.

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