The battle of the platform is once again the storm who is the real smart TV

In the past two years, the intelligent performance of home appliances has gradually increased. This is especially true for TVs that are home entertainment terminals. As the industry's overall intelligence is becoming a trend, terminals, platforms, and experiences are constantly updated in the intelligent evolution. TV applications also play an increasingly important role in improving smart experiences.

From the moment that Internet TV proposed the intelligent platform for television, the battle for the overlord of the living room never stopped. As a multimedia integrated information service platform, TV is also destined to become the core life application platform. However, as a new intelligent terminal, there are still many potentials for smart TV to be developed. Only by continuous improvement and improvement can it meet the needs of more users.

At present, home appliances have entered the era of intelligence. How to choose the smart products that are suitable for them is particularly critical. Today, Xiao Bian took this opportunity to recommend several products with outstanding intellectual performance. Hope that interested friends do not miss the opportunity.

Panda LE55N16S-UD

Panda LE55N16S-UD LCD TV as a 55-inch 4K TV, 14-core powerful configuration so that all operations are very smooth, with ultra-high definition 4K resolution clear quality, giving users a smooth and stylish experience. This TV is currently priced at 4,599 yuan.

Panda LE55N16S-UD TV is equipped with a 4K resolution, and the picture effect is even higher. At the same time, as long as the user's city has opened a ground wave signal, you can watch wireless HDTV programs for free. It is also very convenient to use mobile phones to share video content.

Cool open 50A2

This cool open 50A2 body design is not only thin, but also extremely thin; not only extremely thin, but thin tone, it is easy to become the protagonist of the home, to move every one to see it. Cool open 50A2 TV using the ultimate 9.9mm slim design, with the thickness of the phone. This slim design is also very easy to impress women at home and become the first choice for girls. Cool open 50A2 uses a metal body design, backplane lines picturesque, stylish and rebellious metal front face also shows a unique tone, so you can hardly forget at a glance.

In terms of content, Coocaa 50A2 provided over 100,000 hours of video content, including huge movies and TV series and video content adapted from Ghost City, an excerpt from Guo Jingming's excerpts. Built-in cool OS for TV, new classification and search methods make it easier for users to use.

Skyworth 50M5

Skyworth 50M5 smart TV screen size 50 inches, Ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, full H.265 encoding technology, take up less space, so that the picture quality is more exquisite and clear, 4K cinema sound with an independent four-tone cavity, allowing users More comfortable watching videos and creating your own private cinema.

Skyworth 50M5 smart TV body overall simple atmosphere, delicate and clear picture with 4K cinema sound effects, create shocking visual auditory experience. Dual-core CPU + quad-core GPU + dual-core VPU, 4GB EMMC memory, improve processing speed, enhance security performance, and easily achieve multi-task operation at the same time. Built-in WiFi, mobile phone, iPad, computer can be a wireless connection. Cool open application circle brings a variety of application services, massive entertainment content waiting for you to discover.

LeTV S50 Air

LeTV S50 Air TV uses a 50-inch full HD LCD panel with clear and detailed images. Narrow 8.99mm border does not occupy an inch of space, breaking the current flat-panel TV manufacturing process, giving you more than 50-inch visual experience. The front of the fuselage in-line breathing lamp is the finishing touch of the overall design, adding a touch of mystery to the overall body. The new arc base fully reflects the design's agility and sophistication. Quad-core CPU plus high-speed flash memory ensures fast operation and smooth screen. The third generation of magic sound system is excellent in sound, delicate and soft.

In addition, this TV has built-in Levi's EUI intelligent system that has been upgraded several times. It has a clear desktop classification, which makes it easier to understand and easier to operate. It has a reasonable framework to make the system more efficient and responsive. The appearance, the new design is complemented by more beautiful colors, fonts, layouts and animation effects, allowing you to use it more happily.

Little Whale TV W50J

Micro Whale TV W50J special ultra-thin body design, the thinnest only 9.1mm, thin people never forget. In order to ensure quality, the frame material of the Micro Whale TV W50J is specially made of 7000 series aluminum alloy, which has a very high strength, and makes the slim and lightweight body firm and flat.

Micro Whale TV W50J appearance craft everywhere highlights ingenuity. More than 20,000 rpm high-speed diamond grinding technology lets the metal shine with diamonds. Frosted and anodized processes create a superior texture for the frame. This small whale TV W50J uses a specially designed space gray color, which is different from the ordinary black of a TV. It makes the TV more fashionable and elegant, and the hand-polished base is also exquisite.

Changhong 50S1

Changhong 50S1 adopts a super 12-core design, and it can improve the TV's overall operation speed and online video processing speed. Chaohu imagines that whether it is easy to play large-scale games, high-definition movies or sports games can be smoothly played without pressure. H.265 decoding technology perfectly decodes various formats of video, allowing you to see cool all videos.

In order to ensure the sound effect, Changhong 50S1 adopts bass surround channel design, which allows the living room to transform into the center of the concert and enjoy the audio-visual experience without limit. The Changhong 50S1's speaker design is based on perfection. The bass surround channel design allows all sounds to be presented in the most perfect condition. Whether it is a large block of sound or a cheering game, this TV can perfectly display. Sitting in the living room is like visiting the scene.

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