Teach you how to identify the sound quality of the speaker

Although any speaker has its strengths and weaknesses, especially under a limited budget, low-cost speakers are not easy to get the best results, but regardless of the price and level of speakers, there are certain reference standards or directions. .

1, test the quality of low frequency

The low frequencies produced by inferior speakers can be astounding, but they are completely bloated, lacking in layering and solidity. Good low frequency should be clean and bright, with distinct layers, no muddy water, and no sorrow, even if various low-frequency instruments such as drums, bass guitars and piano bass can be easily distinguished. So don't be fooled by the low-frequency sense, the inferior low-frequency is not as comfortable as the clean sound.

2, test the IF vocals

Vocals are the most commonly heard voices. The pros and cons are not difficult to detect. Pay attention to whether the vocals have unusual nasal sounds or the feeling of being snorted.

The "box sound" of some speakers will also greatly interfere with the intermediate frequency, making the sound of this band ambiguous. IF sound is more serious than other frequencies, because most of the audible frequencies, or the frequency of the music, are concentrated in the mid-range, which is a replay for almost all types of music. Obstacles.

3, test the high frequency flexibility

Inferior high-frequency is squeaky in the ear, listening to people with a splitting headache, in extreme cases the violin or soprano's melody becomes the sharp noise of the brakes. Similarly, different instruments in the treble produce different textures, and good treble can be distinguished.

The high frequency of the superior and inferior level can even distinguish the different phonographs played by two different woods of different years. The easiest thing to master is that good treble is not audible and fearful, the pores are erected, and it is not too tiring, and it is soft and flexible, smooth and layered. Up to the highest point is still easy to hear but does not produce accent (of course not based on the recording of the singer)

4, test high volume and sound field image

Some speakers are stable at low volume, but they are distorted when the volume is raised to an index, or “shooting”, and various non-recorded music signals appear.

Specifically, if the orchestra is one of the favorite, you must pass this level. The standard-compliant speakers make the sound out of the box to a certain extent, creating a clear sound field and image, showing the position and texture of the different instruments, and having sufficient diffusion to grow, wide and high audio space.

The mute and the tail should be clearly heard, and in the case of large volume and "big burst" without distortion, the vocals and instrumental sounds will not be entangled. The high-quality replay can show a rich sense of music and air, and the bounce of the notes, like the clouds and see the sky, showing the whole sequence of audio and video. More directly, it will not be exhausting when you listen for a long time.

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