Sumitomo Electric develops high-capacity fiber

Sumitomo Electric develops high-capacity fiber

On March 25, Sumitomo Electric of Japan announced that the company will develop a new type of optical fiber that meets long-distance large-capacity information communications. Four fiber-optic signal transmission paths will be used internally to improve multi-core fiber. Optical fiber transmission lines for practical signal loss will be controlled by high-performance components of a single-mode optical fiber. At this point, the original fiber transmission capacity will increase by about 4 times.

Now, with the global popularity of smart phones and the development of data centers, the amount of information and communications will continue to expand. The development of the product will be based on multi-core products such as space division multiple communication optical fiber, recording the world's lowest transmission loss. In order to realize large-capacity transmission, new optical fiber products are expected to be favored. In addition, the product has a diameter of 125 microns, which is the same as the original product. Optical fiber cable products that have been designed are highly anticipated.

The company produced pure silica optical fibers from the early 80s and started its research and development work on multicore optical fibers in 2009. Until now, various research results will be integrated to develop this product. It is reported that in the future, the company will also focus on performance evaluation and mass production technology research and development that are close to actual use.

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