Strong R&D strength is bound to be a new era for LED companies

Recently, a power-driven entrepreneur visited a semiconductor lighting product research institute. In a conversation with the dean, he talked about some problems in the development of products for some semiconductor master graduates. Such as: product solutions are very good, but the cost is too high, lack of market competitiveness. The entrepreneurs present also said that the technical experts they hired had a condition, that is, they must have more than three years of experience in the enterprises of the ancient town, otherwise the technology would not be good. Because the technical experts in the ancient town must have a condition, that is, understand the cost, understand the market, understand the cost performance, and the products developed are not easy to be out of touch with the market.

Can not help but think of some issues to pay attention to in research and development.

If LED lighting companies want to gain a foothold in the fierce market competition, they must have strong comprehensive strength. And intelligence and innovation are the development trend of LED lighting industry, which means that enterprises with strong research and development strength will surely be the wave of LED new era.

At present, the LED research and development technology of domestic enterprises is relatively scattered, and the quality and performance of LED products of international enterprises are especially leading in optical design and product intelligent control. In response to this situation, enterprises must strengthen their own R & D team, reserve technology, and make their products enhance the technical content, the only way to gain a foothold in the market. But the direction of research can't be slanted. I have seen the research results of a street lamp power drive. The heat dissipation problem is really well solved, but the volume is too large and the cost is astonishing. Many street lamp manufacturers have shaken their heads at the recommendation meeting because they cannot mass-produce. The market value of such research and development results is equal to zero.

Some companies do not pay attention to research and development, and attempt to increase sales or highlight product advantages through celebrity endorsements, but celebrity endorsements do not fully present the value of the products. Customers pursuing cost-effective products require appropriate price and stable performance. The company needs to clearly define the performance and reliability of the products, while at the same time innovating products to meet the growing needs of customers.

In the early stage, small and medium-sized LED enterprises can develop enterprises by purchasing technology. However, if the scale of the enterprise reaches the medium and large stage, it is necessary to change the development strategy and actively invest a lot of resources to improve the research and development strength. It is necessary to understand that the sales growth brought by advertising is a short-term behavior. Although the R&D technology upgrade is slow, it can create the core competitiveness of the enterprise and bring long-term stable benefits to the enterprise.

Nowadays, many companies' research and development are focused on intelligence, which is indeed a direction for the future development of LED. Because the future of human life is based on intelligence. As an LED company, how to make lamps become "smart" and "diversified" through technology research and development, to meet the individual needs of customers, this is an eternal theme of research and development.

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