Smart hardware, move it! —ETD No.12

On November 22nd, the ETD 12th Intelligent Sports Hardware Technology Salon hosted by E-Friends Network has come to an end. The guest of this issue is Xiao Shuhui, CEO of Shenzhen Ersi Electronics Co., Ltd. The audience who attended the exhibition has engineers engaged in hardware and platform development. There are smart hardware enthusiasts at school. The guest’s passionate speech and the interaction of the audience have repeatedly pushed the event to a climax.

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Discussion on topics in the circle: Is the outbreak of the Internet of Things market in security monitoring?

The activity was first demonstrated by Xiao Zong for everyone. The basic usage of the Ershi electronic vitality π badminton racket, which means that the product has the same weight as the standard badminton racket, and has functions such as data monitoring and swing track recording.

Ersi Electronics Xiao Banhui

According to Xiao, the product can display the trajectory and hitting point on the data analysis platform, and the user can correct the motion or strength of the user through the recorded data.

Smart badminton racket

When it comes to the highest precision in its class, the live audience is also impressed by its powerful features.

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While Mr. Xiao shared it for everyone, the audience also had a heated discussion on topics such as hardware technology and future trends.

Interact with guests

Interact with guests

On the issues of wireless communication, data storage and how to use the products, Xiao always answered and said that a cloud will be built in the future to provide users with a better experience.

Live Demo

After the guest speech ended, the event was first staged, and the audience listened to try to experience the product first. All the participants were actively interacting and discussed the topic of intelligent hardware application and technical bottlenecks.

Audience experience


Post-meeting interaction

At the end of the event, the audience and the guests took a group photo.

group photo

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