Slightly tricks tricks and springs - Change battery for QCY Q8 Bluetooth headset

QCY Q8, a friend, bought it for several years and said that the battery is not used anymore. After a while, it has no electricity. Let's change the battery for help. Although the new version of this headset is also about 30 yuan, but in line with the principle of best use, since the replacement of a battery can solve, you do not need to buy a new one (and as a hands-on party, in fact, enjoy the disassemble and Replacement hands-on process). Therefore, this article has played a role in attracting attention and is intended to provide everyone with a way of thinking. If other batteries have problems, they can also use such methods to solve problems.

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First look at the appearance of this headset, positive QCY is a round button, mainly to answer the phone.

Only the nameplate on the inside

Side volume control keys

The top is Micro USB charging port

The bottom is a microphone hole

With the in-ear design, silicone sleeves are used to hold the ear, and there is no discomfort when actually worn, and normal activities do not fall.

The following opening, the headset does not use screws, just with the buckle before and after the combination of the shell, use the disassemble rod from the charging port on the line.

You can take apart in a circle

To change the battery first to determine the battery model, for this battery we just pay attention to a string of numbers on the battery.

The number on this battery is 401119 which is the model of this battery. In fact, this is the size of the battery. It is 4.0 in thickness, 11 in width and 19 in length. The unit is mm. We search for this string of numbers directly on Taobao to find the battery we want.

401119_Taobao search Taobao search is the most intelligent commodity search engine, through the operation of big data, accurate understanding of goods and users, providing a precise personalized search experience. Direct links to

Here I found a 9.9 shipping order. After two days, the battery was received to continue construction.

As if the battery model is not the same, the received battery is 401120. There is no need to worry about it. From the size point of view, this battery is only 1mm longer than the original battery, so generally these two batteries are universal. Note that the yellow heat-resistant tape is wrapped with a lithium protection board to protect the battery from over-discharging and over-discharging. Lithium-ion batteries are safe to add to this board to be assured, although this is a relatively safe polymer battery. .

Don't worry, you can measure it again

Put a comparison with the original battery, because the battery is still available, so there is no problem with placing a new battery.

The tools needed for the replacement are soldering iron and solder. Because the solder joints are too small, be sure to use pointed tips.

Remove the old battery

The process of welding new batteries is very simple.

After the battery is installed, do not install the shell. First, start the test. There is no problem. Reloading the shell is not too late. Here you can see the blue LED is on.

There is no problem connecting the phone

Listen to the song again

This price is mainly for the use of calls, so the sound quality will not say. Before using the old battery 50% power, playing music support for less than an hour, after the replacement of the battery, to complete this article, after listening to more than an hour did not see the drop in power, the Bluetooth headset is finally full of blood.

For the digital product replacement battery, the main point is to determine the battery model, if you do not find a completely appropriate, you can also find a smaller size by measuring the size of the use of double-sided adhesive fixed about it, this may be smaller capacity, but It can be perfectly installed inside the product and it is worth reviving this product.

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