Single open five-hole socket, switch wiring diagram and connection

A single-open five-hole socket is also called a five-hole socket or a five-hole socket with a switch. Mostly left and right structures, occasionally upper and lower structures. Take the left and right structure as an example. The left side is a switch, and the right side is a five-hole socket (depending on the brand, the left and right sides may be interchanged).

Single open five-hole socket, switch wiring diagram and connection

The backplane of the single-open five-hole socket has six terminals, and the three terminals behind the five holes control the five-hole socket, and the corresponding three terminal control switches on the back of the switch. The switch in this single-open five-hole socket can be used as a dual-control switch.

Single open five-hole socket, switch wiring diagram and connection

Single-open five-hole socket

Single-open five-hole sockets are becoming more and more popular today with an increasing focus on efficiency and space. Broadly speaking, a single-open five-hole socket has two uses.

  1. The switch can be used to control the opening and closing of the five holes on the socket, which is very useful for common appliances such as microwave ovens, rice cookers, and chargers. When the appliance is not in use, the switch can be turned off to prevent the appliance from continuously consuming power when not in use;

  2. The switch can be used to control the lamp, while the five holes can be used as a single outlet and the switch can also be used as a dual control switch. This usage is often used in places where space is cramped, such as bedside. It is really convenient and saves the land.

Switch control five-hole power supply connection

Single open five-hole socket, switch wiring diagram and connection

This connection method is to connect the fire line directly to the switch, and after the switch is controlled, it is connected to the five-hole socket; and the zero line leads directly to the five-hole socket. This connection only uses the terminals corresponding to the two switches, namely L and L1. The old-fashioned single-open five-hole socket has only two corresponding switches, and the new one has three. In this case, the L2 should be idle.

Switch control appliance connection

Single open five-hole socket, switch wiring diagram and connection

This connection actually connects the switch and the five-hole socket as two separate components. The switch and the five holes share a live wire. The figure above shows the switch as a single-control switch, idle switch terminal L2.

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