Should not use administrative means? Austria: EU ban on whitening

Since 2009, the EU has not allowed the production or import of incandescent lamps of more than 100 watts. In 2010, the ban was extended to more than 75 watts. In 2011, it was expanded to more than 60 watts. From September 1, 2012, the ban on all incandescent lamps was involved. In view of the fact that this regulation has been gradually implemented since 4 years ago, especially in this report, the media emphasized that incandescent lamps on the market are not “off the shelf” and have no impact on people’s daily lives. Therefore, Austrian consumers have The reaction is more peaceful.

From a realistic perspective, although the EU has not allowed the production and import of incandescent lamps of more than 100 watts since 2009, it has so far been easily available from the market. Because according to EU regulations, inventory products can be sold indefinitely. In addition, incandescent lamps can continue to be sold in stores in the name of “special lighting materials”, but they cannot be placed together with “general lighting materials”. In several building materials markets in Vienna, incandescent lamps are still on the original shelves. The seller said that because consumers are worried that they can't buy incandescent lamps in the future, they want to buy more spares, which has led to the recent sales peak of incandescent lamps.

Some critics in Austria pointed out that incandescent lamps should be eliminated naturally through market competition, and administrative measures should not be used. At present, the energy-saving lighting on the market is cold, the shape is single, the price is expensive, and it cannot be dimmed. It is quite difficult to force the consumer to the consumer. In addition, energy-saving lamps are also harmful to the environment. Experts suggest that if you want to save energy, but do not like energy-saving lamps, you can choose LED lighting equipment.

In Austria, energy-saving lamps are not the same as incandescent lamps and are classified as “special waste” and must be sent to a small number of designated locations. Consumers also report that the lighting brightness and light color of energy-saving lamps can not meet the needs of home lighting. They believe that energy-saving lamp manufacturers should be encouraged to develop various types of lighting fixtures suitable for consumers' needs through market competition. The use of administrative means to take incandescent lamps can only protect the interests of energy-saving lamp manufacturers and is unfavorable to consumers.

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