Sharp's LED iDTV FF1 series with Quattron 4-color technology officially landed in Hong Kong

SHARP AQUOS Quattron LED iDTV FF1 series has officially landed in Hong Kong. The series uses Quattron 4-color technology to add yellow (Y) elements to the red, green and blue (RGB) 3 primary colors to create a 4-color filter. The color gamut is wider and the color is more vivid; there are 46 吋 and 52 机 models.

FF1 series body is only 39mm thick, equipped with X-Gen Panel high-definition screen, combined with exclusive UV2A optical alignment technology, can accurately control the direction and tilt of liquid crystal molecules; side-lit LED backlight system and more simplified pixel structure, the use has increased The wide aperture ratio introduces more backlight, which effectively blocks light from entering the screen and reduces light leakage. The black and white colors appear more natural.

The new machine is equipped with a rotating base for easy installation. Combined with 100Hz and 120Hz double scan image processor, the scanning speed per second is increased to 100/120 frames, which reduces blurry images and makes the picture faster and smoother. Built-in digital decoder is compatible with HD DivX HD video format and Dolby. Digital Plus, SRS TruSurround HD sound and bass booster, and equipped with USB2.0 interface and HDMI input, it is convenient for users to load movies or connect to computer equipment.

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