Shanghai spot copper price trend 2016.8.17

Shanghai spot copper price trend 2016.8.17

Shanghai spot copper price trend 2016.8.17

Self Repair Screen Protector

The Screen Protector has a self-healing technology that can automatically eliminate small scratches on the Protective Film within 24 hours. Significantly reduce dust, oil stains and fingerprint smudges, anti-scratch.

The Screen Protection Film is very suitable for curved or flat screens. The Soft Hydrogel Film perfectly matches the contour of your device. Will not affect any functions of the phone.

The Ultra-Thin Protective Film with a thickness of only 0.14mm uses 100% touch screen adaptive screen touch screen technology, complete touch screen response, high-tech technology makes the screen touch to achieve zero delay, ultra-thin material brings you "realism".

The Protection Film has excellent clarity and incredible toughness, providing a high level of clarity and a glass-like surface, highlighting the sharpness of the most advanced smartphone display images and bright colors.

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Whether you are a group or an individual, we will try our best to provide you with accurate and comprehensive information about the Self Repair Screen Protector!

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