Seat and lamp inquiry purchase announcement

Tender No.: LZZFCG2009 (161)
Tendering agent: No other entrusted owner: Cangzhou Tongcheng Property Co., Ltd. Application deadline: 2009-09-24
Region: Sichuan Industry: Electrical and electronic appliances, light industrial textile food

Procurement Announcement Title: Quzhou City Tongcheng Property Company Seat and Lamps Inquiry Purchasing Purchasing Announcement Purchasing Project Name: Seat and Lighting Purchasing Method: Inquiry Purchasing Tender No.: LZZFCG2009(161)
Administrative division: the number of purchases in Zhangzhou City: 2 purchasers: Tongzhou Tongcheng Property Company Package No.: 1
Category: Description of the cargo package: fixed seat.
The technical indicators of the package: See the inquiry document of this project for details.
Package number: 2
Category: Description of the package: lamps and cables.
The technical indicators of the package: See the inquiry document of this project for details.
Quotation Qualification Requirements: Qualified as an independent legal entity, qualified to produce or operate purchased goods, capable of providing the goods inquired and in conformity with the qualification requirements of the “Government Procurement Law”.
The method of offering the inquiry documents: on-site sale. Please bring the original letter of introduction when purchasing the negotiation documents (please download the DOC text in the "Download" column on the Internet).
The start and end of the inquiry documents is from September 18, 2009 to September 24, 2009.
Price of inquiry documents: the cost of the work is 100 yuan / share.
The place where the inquiry documents are issued is: the Comprehensive Section of the Purchasing Center of the People's Government of Cangzhou City. (Contact: 3103599, Contact: Ms. Shi)
Quotation deadline: 15:30 on September 24, 2009. Venue: Conference Room of Purchasing Center of People's Government of Cangzhou City (No. 15, Jiangyang West Road, Cangzhou City, 5th Floor, Insurance Building).
Contact / Contact:
Contact: Mr. Zhou, Mr. Ma (representative of the purchaser)
Telephone, 18982708215

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