Sci-Sci-Tech Public Security Actual Service Command System Solution

I. Overview of the System of Public Security Service Command System Solution

The Simplified Science and Technology Public Security Actual Service Command System Solution is a three-in-one-to-office police system, a video surveillance system, and a 350M digital cluster built in the public security system through data service interfaces, message service interfaces, and application service interfaces. Systems, police GPS positioning systems, police geographic information systems, 3G/4G individual soldier systems, video conferencing systems, and preplanning systems are used for networking and integration to form interconnections.

The construction of the operational service command system will realize the comprehensive integration and application of resources within the public security system. It will also be able to interconnect with provincial and city public security organ command centers, and communicate with the local police stations such as local police stations and patrol officers. Police will share the situation at any time. Calls, call images at any time, real-time command and other functions.

Second, Simplified science and technology public security combat service command system solution diagram

Third, Simplified Science and Technology Public Security Service Command System Solution System Function Early Warning Analysis

The early-warning analysis module is based on the “three-in-one” police service, various types of case information, and other public security business data, combined with basic geographic information data, to provide public security service personnel with various names, types of occurrences, time of occurrence, area of ​​jurisdiction, etc. The results of the query of conditions enable the visualized early warning analysis of various cases at different time points on the map.

Patrol Management

The patrol management module realizes the real-time positioning of patrol vehicles, on-duty personnel, fixed materials and other resources, strengthens the supervision and assessment of police officers on duty, is conducive to the improvement of the daily patrol system, promotes the meticulous and standardized management of large patrols, and increases the police visibility. The management rate is to provide basic support for the rapid dispatch of the police force to handle major emergency warnings in advance.

Law enforcement supervision

After the command center receives the alarm notification information, it uses police geographic information system (PGIS) to view the nearest police force to realize the deployment of police resources, and the on-duty police will use the digital intercom cluster system, individual soldier, and police communications terminal equipment to handle the real-time police. Audio and video information is transmitted back to the command center to effectively supervise the police process and achieve civilized law enforcement.

Command dispatch Voice command dispatch

Analog voice, IP phone, mobile phone, cluster intercom, broadcast, individual soldiers and other voice command scheduling functions.

Video command and dispatch

The video surveillance, video phone, video conferencing, intelligent terminal (mobile phone, individual soldier) video terminal command and scheduling functions.

Auxiliary command and dispatch

Recording/video, fax, SMS, smart terminal APP and other auxiliary command and dispatch functions.

Police deployment

The command center management terminal interacts with first-line civilian police handheld terminals (police communications, individual soldiers, vehicle-mounted, law enforcement recorders, etc.) for real-time communication, video transmission, and information exchange. Command centers at all levels and police stations can check the status of police operations in real time. The status of the police force, so that the police can handle the entire process of monitoring, the police force status in real-time tracking.


The PGIS system can directly realize the functions of police location, video browsing, police resource distribution display, trajectory description, etc. Through commanding the map to achieve command decision and police dispatch, the police information can be quickly processed.

Visual operation and maintenance

The visual operation and maintenance module can monitor the running status, operation log, etc. of related professional equipment in real time, and can monitor the environment data such as temperature and humidity, access control, smoke sense, monitoring, and UPS in the room in real time to achieve visualized and automated management.

Plan management

The plan management function module includes emergency plan and emergency resource management. Through the standardization of plan preparation, plan maintenance, plan review, and plan template management, the time for decision making in the event of an emergency is reduced, and fine task assignment, process management, and resource allocation are implemented. As well as visualizing the dynamic development and evaluation of feedback, we ensure that human and material resources are in place and effective. In the police geographic information system, the distribution status of emergency resources can be displayed, and the correlation with each preplanning node can be displayed, so that the visualized management of the preplan workflow can be achieved.

Fourth, Simplified Science and Technology Public Security Acting Service Command System Solution System Features Sound Actual Command System Mechanism Resource Integration, Quick Response Cross-Sectoral, Inter-Regional Coordination Command Perfect Preplanning System Practicability and Extensibility V. System Integration 350M Digital Intercom Cluster system

The actual service command system can access the public security 350M digital intercom cluster system through the wireless access gateway mode, and the band switching of different channels can be realized through the system interface.

Vehicle inspection and dispatch control system

The real-time service command system supports the docking of the vehicle inspection and dispatch control system of the high-speed and traffic management departments through the SIP protocol, and can realize the function of querying, retrieving and analyzing vehicle information.

Video conference system

The actual service command system can access video conference information and support H.264, MPEG, MPEG-4 and other video formats. The system can interface with the video conferencing system through the three docking methods of the SDK interface, SIP relay, and H.323 protocol to realize the interconnection between the integrated command and dispatch system and the video conference system.

SMS platform

The operational service command system has a built-in GSM/CDMA module. Through the dispatcher, functions such as single-message sending, group sending, and receiving short messages can be performed. The SMS service includes the sending and receiving of alarm information of the docking device, SMS receipt, notification delivery, and so on.

Three-in-one contact police system

The actual service command system can access the “three-in-one” alarm information of the police system. The system supports the docking with the police and police system through the SIP protocol to implement the push and share of police information.

PGIS/GPS system

The operational service command system can be connected to the police geographic information system (PGIS) and the satellite navigation system (GPS), and on this basis, the development of specific applications, such as police positioning, video viewing, resource distribution display, trajectory tracking, etc. The graphic business perfectly integrates with the service command and dispatch system, and realizes intuitive and convenient command scheduling based on graphics.

Individual duty system

The operational service command system supports the access of individual (hand-held, helmet-type) duty terminal equipment, realizing the dispatch of on-site personnel, and understanding the frontline police information through individual soldier terminals.

Video surveillance system

The actual service command system can access video surveillance information and support H.264, MPEG, MPEG-4 and other video formats. The video module has a standardized interface, supports multiple standardized protocols, and supports large-capacity access and management. The construction time and standards of the front-end video surveillance system may be inconsistent. The actual service command system can use three platforms, front-end and camera access methods for video access.

Other business systems

The services such as the operational service command system and the plan and the Internet of Things are connected through the IP method. The data can be read by reading the service database or the SDK development package to achieve synchronization and invocation of the database.

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