Samsung plans to promote cheap TV listing within two months

Beijing time on February 8 news, according to foreign media reports, the world's largest TV maker Samsung Electronics TV business executives said Wednesday, the company found that TV sales began to pick up this year, due to rising demand for low-end TV, the company plans to introduce some more Cheap TV products.

Kim Hyun-suk, executive vice president of Samsung Display Division, said: “We are always preparing for the launch of cheap TVs, and we are also working hard to optimize production costs and reduce product retail prices. Cheap TVs will be available in one or two months Sales."

In recent months, major Korean retailers such as E-Mart have collaborated with local manufacturers to launch a number of flat-screen TVs, which are 40% cheaper than similar products. This move has boosted the demand for low-end TVs.

Samsung also introduced new high-end TVs on Wednesday in an effort to increase product profitability. The deterioration of the global economic situation may offset the advantages brought by the growth of market demand.

In addition to 3D and Internet access, Samsung's recently launched ES8000 TV is equipped with features such as voice, motion sensing, and facial recognition. Samsung will start launching a new batch of 46-inch to 65-inch TVs in South Korea this weekend, and will be promoted to the global market in March.

Kim said that since the beginning of this year, Samsung’s TV sales have been stronger than the same period last year, and demand from the Chinese market is still very strong.

Samsung said on Wednesday that Japan is still the only market Samsung TV failed to occupy. The company will conduct further evaluation on the feasibility of the business before deciding to enter the market.

Last year, Samsung’s sales of flat-panel TVs were approximately 43 million units. Its target for this year is 50 million units, and half of the TVs are expected to have Internet access.

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