Rio Olympics VR intensifies watching sports how to marry VR

Experienced stadium construction can not keep up with the rhythm, the mascot was shot down, the Olympic flame insurance was designed to be blown out and all kinds of street demonstrations continued. The ill-fated Rio Olympics was tagged with “the worst Olympics in history”. However, as the first Olympics to use VR to broadcast live and broadcast, Rio Olympics is destined to draw a deep impression on the history of VR.

VR is a major feature of the Rio Olympics

During the Olympics, TV stations such as CCTV, BBC, NBC, and Canada’s CBC all launched special programs for “VR watching the Olympics”. VR users simply select the programs they want to watch, and bring them to the top of the screen. "Going far" to distant South America to experience the extraordinary charm of competitive sports.

The "marriage" between technology and sports is not uncommon. Many scientific and technological achievements have been used in the field of sports in the early days, helping humans to challenge the limits of the sport, and so does VR.

VR sports live broadcast hot

Change sports sports competition, sports training VR and sparks with sports

The VR live broadcast is a mess now, and the live VR sports events are even more unusual. Before this Olympic Games, there were many companies that experimented with live VR sports.

In the VR event live broadcast, domestic and foreign companies have presented a "big bee" phenomenon. Domestically, micro-whales have jointly conducted live sports such as football and fighting in China, and Ants once conducted live VR live broadcasts for the China Open. In addition, NextVR is also playing live games such as basketball, rugby and ice hockey in the United States.

The companies in the VR event lived up to the enthusiasm. NextVR has recently completed the B round of 80 million U.S. dollars in financing. CITIC Guoan and the Chinese parent company of microwhales have all participated in the investment. It is reported that NextVR's revenue in the first quarter of this year exceeded 2015 for the whole year. NextVR, worth as much as US$800 million, also proved that it is very “playful” to focus on the live broadcast of VR sports.

In addition to enabling sports fans to experience immersive sports events without leaving their homes, VR is also benefiting athletes. Virtual reality can three-dimensionalize tactical manuals and opponent analysis reports in sports training, allowing athletes to train in “real” tactical environments and help athletes and coaches communicate with each other. The current application case also proves that VR is "very effective" for improving sports training and motor skills.

Messi adopts VR

Yao Ming, James, Messi, these sports stars are "VR powder"

This year, VR sucked powder, and many stars have become loyal VR powder, to participate in VR live, VR advertising shooting, VR movie shooting, and among them are not few sports stars.

Yao Ming, who retired as an investor, not only took a share in LeTV Sports, and supported the development of VR with actions. He also expressed publicly optimistic about the future of VR. At this year's Boao Forum, Yao Ming said in an interview with VR that VR is a very new technology, and he also treats VR with a very curious and enthusiastic attitude. Yao Ming also made it clear: "In addition to the CSU, the recent VR industry is more optimistic, and in the VR industry, the most optimistic view is the VR game." As an in-depth online game player, Yao Ming VR powder identity also sits In fact, since we can get the favor of Yao Ming, the newest investor, the future of VR is incalculable.

In addition to Yao Ming, early adopters of VR's basketball superstars include James Wong. As early as 2015, James collaborated with Oculus on a VR mini-movie titled "Striving for Greatness." This 12-minute film shows the daily training and everyday life of James. It is worth mentioning that this film was produced by the content production company Uninterrupted, and Uninterrupted is being co-founded by James and others. In the future, James Wong will definitely participate in the shooting of more VR films.

The male god Messi also chose to "feed VR bag salt." Previously, Samsung and Marvel made a promo "Avengers VR mission", Messi surprised in the appearance. After wearing Gear VR, Messi, the incarnation of Iron Man, showed how to exterminate the enemy with exquisite skills. The combination of "Multiplex + VR + Messi" also made the fans shout and rejoice better than watching the movie.

The "marriage" between VR and the sports industry will be more than that. As technology matures, VR will be increasingly used in the sports industry to bring new experiences and opportunities for audiences, companies and athletes. Under the background of VR's global popularity, the “star fire” that combines VR and sports is also bound to present “the power of the prairie fire”.

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