Ready for dual 12, which 4K big screen TV is worth buying?

The pace of December 12, 2016 is gradually approaching, this year's final e-commerce party has entered the countdown stage, or a large wave of packages to fly to you. Double 11 in the home appliance industry discounts are unprecedentedly strong, do you buy Xinyi appliances? If you do not buy it, it does not matter, in the upcoming dual 12 there are many affordable appliances will soon Huimin big promotion, today I selected five value-added appliances, like friends, please do not miss.

1. Skyworth 55G7 4K TV (Click for details)

Recommended reason: high-end 4K+HDR, high hardware

Skyworth 55G7 is a 55-inch 4K TV, the appearance of the body with a champagne gold frame and pearl white back plate, such color matching gives a light luxury concept, very stylish minimalist style. Skyworth 55G7 adopts the newly upgraded second-generation Dolby engine Geek Bar, supports Dolby DD and DTS decoding, the sound quality indicators are world-class, its sound retains the classic external design, while using a chocolate theme appearance and high-grade piano paint Process, great sense of high quality.

Skyworth 55G7 is equipped with the latest Coolopen 5.5 operating system, which will simplify the complex operation of traditional smart TVs and adapt to the various groups of young people. Compared with previous versions, the upgrade of Coolopen System 5.5 includes: a brand-new film and television center, a brand-new application circle, and a brand-new UI design. Both the visual and the experience are refreshing and natural. The dual 12 purchase Skyworth 55G7 also presented speakers and iQiyi TV VIP cards.

2. Micro whale W55J2 55 inch 4K TV (Click for details)

Recommended reason: ultra-thin body, HIFI-class audio

The Micro Whale W55J2 55-inch 4K upgraded version won the 2016 "China Good Design" Gold Award. Excellent value, all-metal body design, the thinnest point is only 9.9mm. 4K color picture quality, resolution up to 3840x2160, lifelike quality. HIFI-grade audio is extraordinary when watching big movies.

Strongly configured 64-bit professional TV chip, equipped with advanced 64-bit operating system, the system smooth and non-catching. Support H.265 encoding technology, save more broadband resources, 10M broadband can also enjoy 4K online viewing content. A TV to see all kinds of content, and Tencent strong combination of video, integration of high-quality resources, content covers films, television, variety shows, documentaries, and other popular content. At 0:00 on the 12th, grab the 998 yuan WMF tool. Sun back to return 100 yuan E card, including 1 year 299 yuan platinum membership package.

3.TCL D55A9C 55 inch 4K curved TV (Click for details)

Recommended reason: Ultra HD quality, multi-screen interaction

The TCL D55A9C has undergone 65 innovative manufacturing processes. After hundreds of moldings, polishing, etc., it has a delightful curvature and luster. The 4000R curvature screen is more eyeball-like and more healthy and comfortable when watching TV. The IMAX-class cinema stereoscopic quality, equipped with intelligent depth-of-field optimization technology, is the viewer's exposure to the experience.

Professional TV 64-bit processor chip, 1.8GHz IF, response events more quickly. H265 decoding technology to achieve online smooth viewing of 4K super clear content. HDR high-dynamic-range image technology delivers crisper details in 4K image quality. The entire large-scale video platform on content resources creates a smart TV that has been transformed into the Internet. In the double 12 can be 0 yuan the same day booking, the original price of 4999 yuan after the reservation can save 600 yuan, five-star blueprint send value 497 yuan Tencent VIP spree.

4. Millet 3S L55M5-AA (Click for details)

Recommended reason: 4K+HDR, massive content, cost-effective, dual 12 largest nonprofit promotion plan

Millet 3S L55M5-AA uses a one-piece design, frame, back, support a large number of time-honoured metal materials, and the use of complex metal wire drawing, double 45 ° drilling, anodizing and other processes outline the beautiful lines and textures. The thinnest part of the fuselage is only 9.9mm. Millet 3S L55M5-AA screen using LG original 4K IPS display, HDR high dynamic image technology support, static contrast 1200:1, display fine, natural full color.

The millet 3S L55M5-AA is equipped with an Amlogic T968 Cortex A53 quad-core 1.8GHz processor and integrates the Mali-T830 MP2 750MHz graphics processing unit with 2GB DDR3 dual channel memory and 8GB of storage.

Millet 3S L55M5-AA adapts to the new PatchWall puzzle wall UI interface. Its biggest feature is that all content resources are displayed in a high-definition image, and the flat interface design is also very simple and clean, even if there is a certain The viewing distance does not affect the retrieval of content because the words on the screen are not clearly visible.

In addition, Xiaomi TV not only reached content cooperation with iQiyi, but also collected content from the four major licensees of GITV, iCNTV (China Internet TV), China TV, and Mango TV. Millet 3S L55M5-AA's appearance is simple, stylish, configuration is also very high, the screen shows the delicate color, full, content and resources are also very rich, cost-effective.

In addition, in the double 11 smoke just dispelled, Xiaomi CEO Wang Chuan will be drying out on the microblogging, indicating that the millet TV in the next marketing, will still be higher than the product, to create a better millet Television serves consumers. Therefore, in this Double 12 campaign, Xiaomi TV made a big profit in major shopping platforms.

5. LeTV 4 X55 Curved TV (Click for details)

Recommended reason: ultra-narrow metal frame, support for super voice, acoustic separation

LeTV 4 X55 Curved TV black body lines elegant fashion, simple 10.5mm thickness of the fuselage, ultra-narrow metal frame reflects the quality of Seiko, cloud leopard base line stretch, but also highlight the overall beauty of the TV. It uses an HDR 55 吋 4K curved screen, 4000R gold curvature design, advanced color processing technology, 120Hz MEMC dynamic image processing technology, so that the screen's color depth is more strong, clear and vivid to show every detail.

LeTV 4 X55 Curved TV speaker equipment and screen separation, with a separate design of the smart home center, support for DTS HD decoding, Man Harkton sound enhancement algorithm allows it to have comparable to 5.1-channel home theater effects, audio bandwidth, loudness, Distortion, timbre, and other aspects are all better. The treble is bright, the midrange is accurate, and the timbre is harmonious and natural. Supports intelligent interaction functions such as super voice and mobile phone remote control. LIVE has hundreds of carousel channels, providing users with a large number of film and television drama resources, a variety of high-definition video for everyone to enjoy. There is a 0-yuan appointment for this Double Twelve event and you can win 40-inch TV by participating in the draw. Sun single comment to win good manners. Smart bracelets, routers, razors, etc., ordering TV to send 400 yuan super sports membership coupons.

to sum up

On the whole, all the major manufacturers have made different profit sharing activities in this double 12 event, but to say the most popular, or to be a millet TV, take the 55-inch millet TV, 3399 Prices are unmatched by many brands of the same class. Millet TV has always been adhering to the basic principle of benefiting the people, and to create a better quality service to the vast number of consumers, so that every household has a good TV. Therefore, Xiaomi TV's marketing methods are actually more considerate and closer to the people.

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