OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

Although the OPPO R9s Plus was released with the R9s, it was finally bought by users who liked the big screen on December 9. It can be said that it is a larger and stronger version of the R9s.

The same is the Sony IMX398+f/1.7 large aperture lens, but more OIS optical image stabilization; the same is 5V-4A VOOC flash charging, battery capacity has increased to 4000mAh; the same is a smooth experience, but the processor further Upgrade to Snapdragon 653; no matter if you are not enough, running memory to the apex of 6GB, the advantages of R9s are all, and become bigger and stronger.

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

OPPO R9sPlus main parameters

Let me talk about the first feeling of R9s Plus to get it, solid and amazing. The entity is now a slightly heavy touch, holding it in my hand, I am incompetent with one hand. Or, I don't want any bumpy and bruised mobile phone with such a delicate appearance, so I insist on the two-handed operation, the hand on the back of the fuselage is subtle, so that you can feel the matte metal texture, but it is delicate and not rough.

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

R9s Plus starts slightly larger but the screen is amazing

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

The back looks the same as the previous R9s, the upper and lower micro-slit antennas

The right hand thumb taps the power button, and the front is only amazing, which also makes me understand why the OLED screen has a future. As a fruit powder, I must admit defeat. The 1920x1080 pixels are full on the 6.0-inch large screen, and the big-screen phone is really the most attractive and cool. Coupled with the independent illumination of AMOLED pixels, there is a natural contrast and stunning display, but soon my attention is focused on the border.

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

Rear 16 million pixel camera, f / 1.7 aperture

There are so many mobile phones to play, it is inevitable that there are some strange problems. For example, I like the black edges and borders of the screen of the mobile phone. Why do you use the big black side to pretend that there is no border and encroach on my precious screen ratio? But on the OPPO phone, I can't find a little bit of slot, R9s Plus this border, I like it.

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

The screen screen has a high proportion and the border is extremely narrow.

According to the official information, the border of the R9s Plus is only 1.78 mm, which greatly increases the screen ratio of the whole machine. It really means that the border looks really extreme, but compared to a borderless mobile phone I touched. In fact, it just happens that there will be no mistakes. I give praise.

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

Front HOME button supports fingerprint recognition

When the fingerprint is unlocked, you don't need to press the HOME button. You can tap it, which saves some users from worrying that the mechanical buttons are not durable. Since the R9 starts fingerprint unlocking speed is amazing, even you often wonder if you have not set a fingerprint lock screen.

The above is the first impression that R9s Plus gave me. In fact, the appearance is the appearance of the R9s, but it is only one size larger, so it accommodates a larger screen and battery. The micro-slit antenna has also been praised, further enhancing the overall sense of the whole machine. Of course, the difference with the R9s was also discovered by me. The camera was retracted this time, and then I tried harder.

The main features of R9s and R9s Plus when taking pictures, even changed the advertising slogan for this, the confidence brought by the hardware has two points, the IMX 398 image sensor cooperated with Sony, with dual-core focusing function, the other point is f/1.7 Aperture, this is the largest aperture that can be seen on mobile phones, to the top.

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

16 million pixels support dual-core focus, f/1.7 large aperture

The software aspect is that the camera has an impressive experience. The camera is very fast, the focus is very fast, and the shutter response speed is very fast. The three “very fast” add up so that you can pull out the phone and press it directly. Shutter, the success rate of snapping is very high. There are also a lot of matching camera apps, and it is quite convenient to add a filter to shoot a GIF.

Put a few photos that we edited with R9s Plus to play with:

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

R9s Plus proofs

R9s Plus is more conservative in terms of exposure, so it can be seen in the sample that even if the night scene directly faces the light source, there is no serious overexposure. The camera's automatic white balance is more accurate and can be truly restored to the naked eye. In terms of color performance, some samples have a high contrast ratio. It is estimated that our editors have added filters. In terms of resolution, the R9s Plus will perform 16 million pixels very well, with clear details after zooming in.

The biggest hardware advantage of the R9s Plus camera is the large aperture. The increase of the amount of incoming light enhances the night scene shooting. Compared with the R9s, the OIS optical image stabilization is added. The night scene can further extend the shutter time and obtain more light input. ISO improves picture quality.

Self-timer has always been the main function of OPPO mobile phone. This time, the front camera has reached 16 million pixels. It can be a beautiful reason for some girls to buy OPPO mobile phones. Now the mobile phone can be beautiful, but the effect is really different. Some of them open their faces and rub their faces like rubber. OPPO is not.

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

Support for background blur in front lens beauty mode

I can see the self-portrait of the girl above is clear and the details are all there, but the skin color is more uniform and there is no excessive whitening and whitening, just right, giving a feeling of good facial care.

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

Beauty 4.0 features are loved by OPPO users

OPPO, which has been studying self-portraits, also provides front-end background blur in the Color OS system. This is simply to blur the messy background outside the characters and focus more on the self-timer. In the past, many girls took the self-timer and used the app to manually smear the background. It was much better with the front blur.

Beauty OPPO is divided into 7 levels, the function is not much, but it is easy to use, can also adjust the skin color, with the front background blur together with better effect. Of course, you don't have to worry about your friends being blurred. The phone will recognize several people in the screen through face recognition.

Before the net, there were always netizens who were holding OPPO with MediaTek processor and didn't let go, but this time it really didn't get black. 6GB of storage + 骁龙653 can do anything. Some netizens must be less familiar with Snapdragon 653, it is An upgraded version of the Snapdragon 652.

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

Snapdragon 653 is an upgraded version of 652

Specifically, compared with the Snapdragon 652, the Snapdragon 653's CPU is raised to 1.95 GHz, and the performance optimization is about 10% higher than the 652. The Snapdragon 653 also introduces "enhanced" in VoLTE calls. Voice Service (EVS), the graphics processor uses the Adreno 510. Running points measured:

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

Ann Bunny runs 90,000+

The game is smooth and not stuck, the number of frames remains 50FPS+

After some experience, I am still quite satisfied with the performance of R9s Plus. I don’t want to say that the smooth optimization system is very good. For example, the NBA 2K16 game is definitely high quality in the mobile game, R9s Plus can reach 55FPS, very smooth, other like the popular mobile game Royal War also has 57FPS, light and small game subway parkour has 50FPS performance.

The advantage of 6GB RAM can be reflected in the number of background tasks. Switching back and forth between commonly used apps sometimes we will find that the app needs to be reloaded, mainly because the system is cleaned up due to insufficient storage. 6GB can retain more backgrounds. There is no need to load from the switch when switching.

The battery capacity of the OPPO R9s Plus has reached 4000mAh, which is 990mAh more than the R9s. Let's take a look at how much the R9s Plus's battery life has improved:

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

52% remaining battery at the end of the test

The endurance test selected five things that everyone is doing every day, watching videos, playing games, making phone calls, brushing Taobao and brushing Weibo. Each project lasts for 1 hour for a total of 5 hours, which is basically equivalent to the daily usage of ordinary users. It is.

After the test, the remaining power of the R9s Plus is at 52%, and the combined use is expected to reach 2 days, but it is estimated that the next day will be a little uneasy, so the R9s Plus guarantees that the user can use it heavily in the day, if you can Take the time to charge a little, then you will find out how the power of the R9s Plus can't be used.

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

89 minutes full of electricity

There is no need to worry about the charging speed. It takes 89 minutes to run out. OPPO has stunts "VOOC flash charging" in this respect. VOOC flash charging can provide 5V-4A low-voltage fast charge, especially when the mobile phone is too low, the charging speed is very fast, how the mobile phone is heated during the whole charging process, so it can fully play while charging.

Finally, I talked about some features of the Color OS system. The whole system icon uses high saturation and high-definition color matching with the default gradient blue wallpaper. It looks very lively and young. The icon design is simple and clear, all adopt rounded rectangles. The main color of the secondary menu is white, and the reserved space in the operation point selection area is sufficient for use.

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

Color OS is good to use

In terms of featured features, it is still necessary to mention the App lock. In the "Mobile Phone Manager" - "Permission Privacy" - "Application Encryption", we can find that everyone is paying more and more attention to personal privacy, so add a text message, WeChat, and photos related to privacy. The lock can be a lot of real time, support fingerprint to unlock the App.

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

Fingerprint can be added in the settings

Color OS management mobile phone is mainly around the "mobile phone housekeeper", which also provides practical items such as rights management and self-starting management, and it is very simple to understand.

OPPO R9s Plus evaluation: cost-effective!

Rich theme, fast response to hot spots

The pre-installed "theme store" is very familiar with the appetite of young people, including themes, fonts, wallpapers, ringtones, and the high quality of free resources. If you want to change the wallpaper, the theme will be fixed with it.

to sum up

OPPO R9s Plus can be seen as a large R9s, and some of the advantages of the R9s are further magnified, such as better performance, larger screen, and improved battery life. As the main feature of the series, whether it is R9s or R9s Plus have changed the level of domestic mobile phone photos that we have in the past, and even exceeded the potential of PK's current four or five thousand flagship phones. As the earliest OPPO who realized the importance of self-portrait, the accumulation of deep beauty algorithm technology also makes it difficult for opponents to catch up.

Stronger performance with simple and efficient Color OS, the daily use experience is very smooth, fingerprint unlocking, camera, application startup speed is impressive, life is no longer annoying, if you think R9s is not enough to feed you, then more A stronger R9s Plus deserves your attention.

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