Ningbo LED lighting industry has exceeded 20 billion yuan

According to the recent government (state-owned) investment project and local LED production enterprise information matchmaking meeting, in 2014, the city's LED lighting industry related industry sales reached more than 20 billion yuan, the industry is second only to Guangzhou, Shenzhen. , ranking third in the country.

It is understood that the LED lighting industry in Ningbo has accelerated its development after ten years of product structure adjustment and re-layout. At present, there are more than 4,000 lighting companies in the city, including more than 1,000 LED lighting manufacturers. More than 200 of them have certain production scale and product research and development capabilities. Ningbo has become the main LED lighting industry base in the Yangtze River Delta region.

The PV Charge Controller works as a voltage regulator, its primary function is to prevent the Battery from being overcharged by the P.V array, being overly discharged by the load, or both.

Controller types:

• Single Stage controllers:

This type of controllers prevents battery overcharging by switching the PV array off when the battery voltage reaches the state of charge set point. The array and battery are automatically reconnected when the battery voltage reaches a lower value called the charge resumption.

• Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controllers:

PWM controllers are the most common controller on the market today. These charge the battery by rapidly switching the full charging current on and off when the battery reaches a fully charged state. The length of the charging current pulse gradually decreases as battery voltage rises, reducing the average current into the battery.

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