Network TV box does not recognize the software in the u disk how to do?

U disk is an essential tool for installing software for smart TVs and network set-top boxes, but it is also often the case that U-disks are not recognized on smart devices. What are the reasons for this type of situation in the enhanced version of millet boxes? How to solve?

1. Under normal circumstances, the first step is to confirm whether the USB interface of the enhanced version of the millet box has power supply. The simple method is to check whether the U disk light used is blinking and whether it can be used normally. If the USB flash drive is not lit or the millet box enhanced version has a silent dialog box, the USB port may be broken.

2. You can try to insert the U disk into the enhanced version of the millet box and change the test on the computer.

3, millet box enhanced version of the USB interface output current is limited, if the user connected to the current larger external devices (such as mobile hard disk, etc.), it is recommended to use an external power supply.

4, USB interface is not compatible with all storage devices, it can support most of the hard disk, U disk, etc., if there is no recognition, it may be the problem of the drive.

5, millet box enhanced version of the system itself is very complex, when the file is read or played, due to the differences in the compatibility and stability of USB devices, the screen may appear static or operation does not respond to the phenomenon. At this point, it is recommended that you try to close the enhanced version of the millet box to reinitialize the system and resume normal operation.

Of course, for the TV box, the U disk is not the only external device, SD card is one of them. As for the situation that the SD card cannot detect, Xiao Bian thinks that the following points should be noted:

1. It is recommended to use the SD (TF) card with a specification of 32G or less and 16G or less. And the format is: FAT, FAT32, NTFS. If there is a protection switch on the side of the SD card (if the TF card does not take this switch into consideration), it is recommended to try again on the other side.

2. After the first attempt is invalid, it is recommended to confirm again whether the card is inserted into the card slot in the correct direction. Under normal circumstances, if it is properly inserted into place, the finger can be ejected smoothly after pressing.

3. After the first two steps are performed, if it still cannot be identified, it is recommended to format the SD card (TF) card.

4. If there is still an unrecognized situation, it is advisable to buy or find a universal card reader for the SD card by plugging it into the USB port of the millet box or to the USB port on the computer to verify that the SD card is damaged. If it still cannot be displayed, it means that the SD(TF) card is damaged and it is recommended to use it for a SD(TF) card.

to sum up:

If the enhanced version of the millet box does not recognize the files, pictures, audio and video, or application installation packages in the U disk, we can check whether the file is in the format supported by the enhanced version of the millet box. The corresponding transcoding of audio and video is also a good way to solve this problem.

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