"My father-in-law will martial arts" smart TV viewing method, Song Dandan "receive the mountain" for

The “Dalian Fairview Wushu” promoted by Dragon TV and Beijing Satellite TV was starred by Song Dandan, Ni Dahong, Xiao Yang, Wang Taili, and Jiang Yan, and directed by Su Haoqi. The trivial life makes light comedy in families where laughter and tears coexist!

The play tells the story of Ding Xie (Xiao Yang) who had a long time with the beautiful and good-looking dance teacher Bai Yan (Jiang Yan) after his ex-wife Cheng Hao did not tell him that she was married. Cheng Daji (Ni Dahong) suddenly appeared and said that he would defend the family for his missing daughter. This behavior caused intense dissatisfaction with Ding's satisfied mother Ma Yuru (Song Dandan) and Bai Yan's father Bai Zhenguang (Liang Tianshi), and Sun Hui (Wang Taili ornaments) who had been secretly in love with Bai Yan also took the opportunity to challenge the relationship and make a difference. Satisfied love close to bathing. "Three-way family" worked hard for the children's marriage and the younger generation guarded their love and wits. This led to a bumpy but ridiculous "love-seeking journey."

Friends who haven't had time to watch can warm up with the following set of stills:
Liang Tianhe and Ni Dahong played the "rogue" Cheng Daji. When two people stood together, they gave a funny feeling.

A pair of lovers played by Xiao Yang and Jiang Hao was irritated by “three-way family”

Song Dandan's defiant retired police station deputy director, career vigorous and resolute, but it was annoying family trouble.

Wang Taili played the rival of Xiao Yang in the play, and the brothers brought a lot of surprises.

On December 10, the show has been broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV and Dragon TV. Smart TV users can first install a sofa butler, install a live micro-broadcast on the sofa butler, and live applications such as TV cats can watch this very funny “I Father-in-law's martial arts
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Live broadcast screenshots of Beijing TV

Live TV screenshot of TV Cat

If you can't watch TV live broadcast for a variety of reasons, you don't need to worry. Xiaobian recommends two TV programs to watch "My father-in-law's martial arts" on demand.
Search "Tencent Video TV Edition" on the sofa butler homepage. You can see this drama in the drama area.

Also search for "IQIYI TV" on the sofa butler client homepage, you can easily see this drama ~

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