Ministry of Environmental Protection plans mercury pollution prevention policy LED lighting welcome machine

As energy-saving lamps gradually replaced incandescent lamps, the mercury pollution of energy-saving lamps caused concern among all sectors of society. Senior experts in the industry told the reporter that the straight tube fluorescent lamps and circular fluorescent lamps such as T5 and T8 with small diameters are more likely to exceed the mercury content due to the manual mercury injection process. Relevant experts from the Ministry of Environmental Protection said that the Ministry of Environmental Protection is planning to formulate policies to strengthen the prevention and control of mercury pollution in mercury-added products and related industries. It is proposed to prohibit the production of new, rebuilt and expanded projects using liquid mercury and manual mercury injection.

International negotiations to pressure mercury-containing electric light source

At the end of 2011, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Announcement on the gradual ban on the import and sale of ordinary lighting incandescent lamps" and announced that by 2016, China will basically phase out the use of ordinary lighting incandescent lamps. At the same time, the National Development and Reform Commission, the United Nations Development Program, and the Global Environment Facility jointly designed the "China's phase-out of incandescent lamps and accelerated promotion of energy-saving lamps." Relevant experts from Shanghai Yaer Light Source Co., Ltd. told reporters that this has become an inevitable trend to replace incandescent lamps with energy-efficient fluorescent lamps with high luminous efficiency.

However, with the further promotion of energy-saving lamps, mercury pollution has also attracted the attention of all sectors of society. According to data provided by researcher Su Juan of the Institute of Electric Light Source Materials of Nanjing University of Technology, the mercury consumption of energy-saving lamps in China is about 20 tons per year, and the infiltration of 1 milligram of mercury into the ground will cause pollution of 360 tons of water and surrounding soil. Mercury in the atmosphere is highly diffusible and fat soluble. The newspaper has previously disclosed that international mercury negotiations are mainly focused on atmospheric mercury control, and countries such as Canada and Northern Europe have declared that mercury in local fishery resources exceeds the standard and is related to atmospheric circulation.

“China, as the country with the largest mercury use and emissions in the world, is facing huge pressure on mercury reduction and emission reduction in the 'global mercury instrument' negotiations.” Xiao Xiaodong, deputy researcher of the Chemical Registration Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, revealed this July. The fourth meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee convened by the United Nations Environment Programme was held. Delegates further negotiated a draft of the legally binding Global Mercury Convention (the “Global Mercury Instrument”), reducing mercury supply, reducing the demand for mercury in products and processes, and reducing international trade in mercury remain the focus of the negotiations. field.

Relevant persons from the Ministry of Environmental Protection told reporters that the mercury instrument is an international convention and is the highest level of international law and the Convention on Biological Protocols dealing with persistent organic pollutants, even at the level of the Kyoto Protocol to address climate change. Still high.

According to the draft convention, mercury-containing electric light sources are included in the mercury-added products of controlled objects. The draft convention provides for the restriction and elimination of the manufacture and trade of mercury products, ie the prohibition of the manufacture of mercury-added products other than exempted uses, the use of prior informed consent procedures or import licensing systems to restrict the import and export of products, and to the Secretariat on a regular basis. Report information on the manufacturing, import and export trade of mercury-added products.

“The mercury-containing electric light source products do not have mature mercury-free alternative technologies, and they cannot be eliminated in the short term. However, the global mercury instruments have not relaxed the control of electric light source products.” Xiao Xiaodong disclosed that in July this year, Jamaica, Japan, etc. The representative of the country proposed a list of the elimination of mercury-containing electric light source products. Representatives of some countries believed that a globally uniform mercury content limit standard should be established for electric light source products, and products with mercury content exceeding the standard would be phased out within a time limit. Products that meet the criteria can apply for exemption within a certain time limit, allowing them to manufacture and import and export.

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