Millet Box 1GB Plus Remotely Installs Live Video Software

The millet box 1GB enhanced version installs the sofa butler by "remote installation", this tutorial is suitable for the following system version 1.3.76 millet box 1GB enhanced version and similar models.

Installation process 1 Switch old → 2 Open ADB and unknown source options → 3 Remote installation → 4 Enter IP on the computer and upload the installation file → 5 Installation is complete

1, open the millet box 1GB enhanced version, in the main interface to find the "millet box settings" to enter;

2, in the settings interface, find "About" and open.

3, in the system update, enter the "system update" information;

4, select "cut back the old version" can be.

5, after switching back to the old version, after returning to the main interface of the millet box, enter the application store - user interface, you can see the "quick installation".

6. After entering the quick installation, we then open the browser on the PC according to the prompts on the screen, and enter the web address (192.168.XX.XX) on the TV screen, after which the interface to install the software will appear.

If the installation fails, restart the device and try again by following the steps (may be useful). Still have questions please add the official QQ group below.

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