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In order for mbeb os to occupy a place in the Internet of Things operating system, ARM has released a complete wearable device solution, including schematic, PCB, BOM, source code, 3D structure diagram and so on.


Wearable design software is a collection of Yotta modules. Each module is designed for one application, and when these modules are integrated into one system, they become a high-end portable application.

Application programming uses the "mbed Wearable Reference Design mbed" hardware abstraction API and implements it to a supported target and automatically adapts to the target platform. This approach highlights the advantages of software applications in the hardware features supported by mbed. This flexibility allows you to quickly create new hardware peripheral prototypes by simply modifying one line in the JSON file. Similarly, you can quickly create your own wearable design by directly calling a supported integrated component and external device.

Source code and application case

To highlight the flexibility and portability of the "mbed Wearable Reference Design", we have compiled a series of application scenarios for user applications (such as buttons, touch interfaces, and graphics) and on-board communication. For a complete list of application cases and supported endpoints for the "mbed Wearable Reference Design" (mbed wearable reference design) hardware abstraction API, please visit the GitHub Wearable Reference Design home page.

Partner Libraries

Myotest – Single-step analysis library, the preferred solution library completed and validated by Myotest, which also supports accelerometer applications, in addition to effectively distinguishing between walking and running steps. This library is available on the Yotta model and on GitHub. For more information, please visit.

Electronic hardware

The hardware resources of "mbed Wearable Reference Design" are a series of integrated electronic hardware resources for designing table boards. You can start by calling these files to integrate a device design file, or make some changes based on these resources to start functional design for your product. The watch includes four boards: The most complex design in the mbed wearable reference design is the motherboard, manufactured using rigid bending technology, which includes an ARM Cortex®-M3 processor, various wireless communication interfaces and several sensors. You can easily customize your options by enabling or disabling these devices. Adding this flexibility means you can reuse the same design on different products. You can use the following figures to get an overview of all the components on this watch board.

The Mbed wearable reference design has been integrated into AlTIum Designer and its compatibility has been verified on AlTIum Designer V16.

Electronic hardware resources

WRD_WatchMain-SchemaTIcs.pdf – The complete schematic of the table board. .

WRD_WatchMain-BOM.xls – The complete bill of materials for the table board. .

WRD_WatchMain-ManufacturingPack.zip - Protects all PCBA proofing files (Gerber, NC Drill, ODB, pick and place, manufacturing details, assembly drawings). (Gerber, NC Drill, ODB, placement files, process details, placement drawings). (PS: Choose one of yellow and green. Generally speaking, the hardware industry practitioners can understand this green, and it is natural. The yellow color is awkward. The yellow one is basically clear, but not People who are concerned about the hardware process are basically not cared for, please remove the blue paragraph).

WRD_WatchMain.zip – includes all of the above files.

3D explosion map

Motherboard top view

Motherboard bottom view

Mechanical resources

Packed 200 sets to test the hardware and software of the smart watch we designed. The details we know about producing a smart watch are here to help you get started. The work of the subsequent large-scale production will be undertaken by you! Mbed's wearable reference design's mechanical resources are a list of files needed to make smart meters. You can reuse the design of these files on your design, or you can shape your product elements based on modifications to these design pieces. The flexibility of software and electronic hardware resources means you can make bold designs for the mechanical structure of your product. Manufacturing and assembly documentation will provide a reference analysis basis for your particular design.

The example is designed in Solidworks, and the original design file provides the surface design file in a neutral design for the CAD program you use.

Mechanical Design Resources

Bill of Materials – A complete list of all the components used in the design, their materials, and the way they are produced.

Manufacturing Overview – the production steps for each part and provides a description of the process

Mechanical Design Files - packaged files for the above files

All the above documents can be downloaded from mbeb official website

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