Live report: The first ancient town lamp with opening ceremony






At 10:40 am on April 20th, the opening ceremony of the “First Ancient Town Lighting Accessories and Production Equipment Exhibition” hosted by the Guzhen Town People’s Government of Zhongshan City and the Zhongshan Economic and Trade Bureau was held in the Guzhen Gymnasium Square.

VIPs attending the opening ceremony included government staff, representatives from the Economic and Trade Bureau, entrepreneurs from all walks of life, and media friends. Mr. Su Enming, the mayor of the People's Government of Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, and Mr. Feng Yurong, the deputy mayor of Zhongshan Municipal People's Government delivered a speech. Later, the guests took the stage to cut the ribbon. At 11 o'clock, the opening ceremony ended.

After successfully operating the two major brand events of "Light Expo" and "Green Expo", this year, the ancient town once again attracted the attention of the industry, and fully organized the largest lighting accessories exhibition in China, and at the same time put into operation the largest lighting accessories market in China. From the Light Fair, the Green Expo to the Light Show, with a mature and vibrant exhibition, the ancient town has repeatedly seized the commanding heights of the industry and led the new trend of the industry.

On April 20th, 2010, the ten-mile-long lighting was crowded with merchants on the street, and the rooms of major star-rated hotels had already been booked. China, Europe, America and even the Middle East, now the world's authoritative lighting media and lighting buyers are concentrating on the South China town, excited to pay attention to the grand exhibition of lighting accessories and production equipment.

Spring and Autumn will greatly increase the charm of the lights

At present, the ancient town and surrounding areas have gathered more than 5,000 lighting accessories manufacturers, forming an industrial cluster economic system of “upstream and downstream supporting, production, supply and marketing through-train”. There are 10 large-scale lighting accessories market in Guzhen. The annual transaction volume of lighting accessories in Guzhen exceeds 20 billion yuan, accounting for 40% of the total transaction volume of lighting. With the high concentration of the lighting industry cluster in Guzhen, the matching lighting accessories industry is becoming more and more mature, and the degree of specialization is increasing day by day. The Guzhen lighting industry cluster forms a long and complete manufacturing chain of lighting industry, which also makes Guzhen become the research and development center of lighting accessories. And purchasing center. However, Guzhen Lighting Accessories Industry still lacks a carrier and platform to win new opportunities. Drawing on the experience of the Light Fair, the ancient town government will promote the quality of the parts manufacturing enterprises by strengthening a professional international lighting accessories exhibition, strengthen the upstream and downstream exchanges of the industry, optimize the lighting industry structure, thereby improving the overall quality of the lighting industry in our town, and stabilizing China. The status of the lighting capital has laid the foundation for further opening up the international market. Therefore, the first light distribution exhibition was brought to life and came into being.

The first Guzhen Lights Exhibition was hosted by the Guzhen Town People's Government of Zhongshan City and the Zhongshan Economic and Trade Bureau. It was hosted by the Lights Exhibition (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., and was organized by Zhongshan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, Dengdu Lighting Accessories City, Guzhen Lighting News, Foshan. City Haoxun Advertising Information Co., Ltd., Guzhen Lighting Accessories Network, Zhongshan Lighting Industry Association, Zhongshan Guzhen Town Youth Chamber of Commerce gave strong support. The first lamp exhibition will build a product and technology display platform for the international lighting industry chain, and create a professional international lighting accessories exhibition for lighting industry chain procurement, production, design, research and development, sales and other aspects to promote the quality of lighting accessories. From the source, comprehensively improve the development of the lighting industry in Guzhen. Through the exhibition of lights, help finished lighting manufacturers understand the current development of the industry, provide more competitive lighting accessories manufacturers for their choice, reduce their production and logistics costs, increase market competitiveness; assist lighting accessories and related accessories Production companies promote corporate image, contact more buyers, expand market space, and develop sales channels. Through the exhibition of lights, the development of accessories enterprises will be promoted in an all-round way, the industrial chain of the lighting industry will be optimized, and the lighting industry will be upgraded in an all-round way, and the “China Lighting Capital” will be promoted to the “International Lighting Capital”.

With the exhibition of the light exhibition, the ancient town of Spring and Autumn has already had a major exhibition, which coincides with the Spring and Autumn Canton Fair, which greatly enhances the attraction of the Guzhen Light Show to domestic and foreign merchants.

100% exhibition rate reflects strong competitiveness

The government of the ancient town party committee fully recognized the importance of holding the exhibition and attached great importance to it. It established an organizing committee to unify the command, coordination and supervision of various exhibitions. The first Guzhen Lights Exhibition has an exhibition area of ​​over 20,000 square meters and more than 600 standard booths. As one of the co-organizers, the largest lighting city in the ancient town of Lamps Lighting Accessories City also took over the investment of 200 booths, and these booths were quickly subscribed internally, and received enthusiastic response from the accessories manufacturers. The exhibitors of the exhibition also expressed their confidence in the first Guzhen Lighting Exhibition. Among them, Changyuan Die Casting, Hengyi Glass, Egyptian Asfa Crystal, Shenzhen Getian Optoelectronics, etc. Dengdu Lighting Accessories City, Cao Er Changan Electronic Lights City, World Lighting Times and other groups participated in the exhibition.

As of March 31, the recruitment rate reached 100%. There are 330 exhibitors and 574 booths for the booth.

The exhibitor's regional structure is reasonable. The city's exhibitors accounted for 85.1%, of which 78.2% were in the town and 6.9% outside the town. The provinces outside the city accounted for 12.5%, and the provinces accounted for 2.4%.

Six major highlights of the new light industry

Although it is the first session, this light exhibition also inherits the characteristics of the exhibition economy of the ancient town. The six characteristics highlighted by it also write a new trend in the lighting industry from a new height.

First, there are a wide variety of products on display. The products exhibited at the Light Show Exhibition cover all the spare parts required for the lighting and lighting industry, such as hardware, glass, plastic, crystal, ceramics, etc., as well as light sources and electronic accessories for the lighting industry. At the same time, other production equipment, logistics, packaging and printing, media, technical services and other supporting industries also made a high-profile appearance. Second, the degree of specialization is quite high. This light exhibition has a hardware hall, an electronic hall, a light source hall, a glass, a crystal, a ceramics hall, etc., and is divided into exhibitions, and strives to show a professional lighting accessories exhibition to the merchants. Third, the production equipment exhibition area has been approved in advance, and 14 companies have made a large-scale appearance, including production and processing equipment and testing and testing equipment, representing advanced productivity, showing the progress of the lighting lighting industry from labor-intensive to mechanized and technological. Fourth, manufacturers of electronic and electrical components are committed to developing LED-based accessories, demonstrating the most advanced LED technology and leading the development of the industry. The fifth is huge. With an exhibition area of ​​20,000 square meters, it has brought together high-quality enterprises in the industry and attracted more than 330 companies to participate. Sixth, the accessories market is holding a group. The lighting and lighting accessories city, Cao Er Changan electronic light distribution city, World Lighting Times and other groups participated in the exhibition. The number of enterprises reached more than 160, which further enhanced the scale, grade and influence of this year's lamp exhibition, and enhanced the participation. Business and merchants' confidence in the lighting accessories industry and the first lighting exhibition.

Various exhibition services are more user-friendly

A successful world-class exhibition, in addition to excellent hardware facilities, more importantly, requires good soft services. In order to achieve the goal of building the world's largest and most professional lighting accessories exhibition, the first lighting exhibition is very focused on providing humanized services for customers.

The Organizing Committee of this year's lighting exhibition specially arranged a 10-person exhibition team, which is responsible for organizing the customer database of the Light Expo and conducting tracking service light distribution enterprises. At the same time, they also actively collect meeting information including hotels, restaurants, transportation, etc., and continue to provide value-added services, such as online pre-registration, special hotels, logistics facilities, free shuttle bus services, etc.; and organize relevant service information, prepare "exhibitors" Printed materials such as the Handbook and the “Guide to Visit” provide convenience for exhibitors and professional buyers. In order to improve the quality of service, the Light Distribution Exhibition Preparatory Committee has developed a recruitment plan and communicated with the leaders of the Zhongshan University of Electronic Science and Technology University. It will select students to participate in the on-site service work. At the same time, a group of students will participate in the service work in the Guzhen Senior High School to cultivate the love of the lighting culture in the ancient town. In addition to the service work of the exhibition itself, Guzhen is also committed to providing more value-added services beyond the exhibition. For example, the China Lights and Lights Distribution Network, which was built in response to the Light Fair and the Lights Exhibition, has been operating since the end of last year, and has built a broad network promotion and marketing platform for the majority of lighting and accessories companies. The new three-dimensional simulation map of the lamp distribution network can meet the higher requirements of the majority of lamp distribution companies. Enterprises can register on the 3D map website, through map location, not only the location and basic information can be clearly displayed, but also the surrounding information is clear.

In the field of lighting industry, Guzhen has built China Guzhen International Lighting Fair into one of the Asian brand professional exhibitions. Since the beginning of this year, Guzhen has been eager to make the exhibition of Guzhen Lights Exhibition the largest and most professional lighting accessories exhibition in China and even in the world. From the Light Expo, the Green Expo to the Light Show, with a mature and vibrant exhibition, the ancient town of Lampu continues to be proud and proud to “lead the trend and illuminate the world”.

Reporter: Wu Jindan

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