Lighting Engineering Procurement Announcement

Project Name: Lighting Project Procurement Announcement Tendering Unit: Luquan Public Utilities Administration, Luquan City Land and Resources Bureau and other units bidding deadline: January 23, 2008 Project location: Hebei Project Tender Specific Content: Government Procurement Project Name: Luquan City Landscape Lighting Project

Procurement project file number: HBAH08010427010101-LH

Purchaser Name: Luquan Public Utilities Administration, Luquan City Land and Resources Bureau, etc.

Purchaser Address: Luquan City

Buyer contact information

The full name of the purchasing agency: Hebei Anhui Tendering Co., Ltd.

Purchasing Agency Address: 10th Floor, Kaijia Building, No. 126 Zhongshan East Road, Shijiazhuang City

Procurement agency contact information

Procurement method: competitive negotiation

Purchase quantity:

Purchasing purposes: night lighting of all units in Luquan City

Project implementation location: Luquan City

Delivery time: after February 1, 2008

Brief technical requirements / nature of the project: see competitive negotiation documents

Supplier Qualification Requirements: An independent legal entity or other organization that has the ability to produce and install landscape lighting. The business license, power of attorney, and client ID card must be presented at the time of registration. The above documents must be original and accompanied by a set of copies. And stamp the official seal of the unit, please contact the bidding agency for other matters not covered in this project.

Procurement documents are available for sale from January 23, 2008

Place of purchase document: Hebei Anhui Tendering Co., Ltd.

Procurement documents for sale: public

Purchase document price: 300 yuan

Deadline for submission of bids: 10:00 on January 30, 2008

Bid Opening Time: 10:00, January 30, 2008

Bid Opening and Bid Evaluation Location: Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, Luquan City Finance Bureau

Project Contact: Zhang Yajie

Contact information

fax telephone

The Description of Wifi Rubber Antenna

Electrical Specifications 

Frequency Range(MHz) 2300-2500 
Gain(dBi) >5 
V.S.W.R. <1.3 
Polarization Vertical 
Non-Circularity(dB) ±0.5 
Impedance(Ω) 50 
Lightning Protection Direct Ground 
Maximum Input Power(W) 50 
Mechanical Specifications 
Connector Type SMA 
Radiating Element Material Copper 
Radome Material EVA 
Radome Color Gray 
Dimension (mm) 195Unbend) 173(Bend)
Wight(Kg) 0.09/12

Wifi Rubber Antenna

Wifi Rubber Antenna Application Condition Indoor 
Operating Temperature(℃) -40~+85 
Reposition Temperature(℃) -55~+100 
Connects internal WiFi to external WiFi Booster Antenna 
Can be used with both indoor and outdoor antennas 
Compatible with 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n 
DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)
900MHz and Cellular applications
GSM/DCS/AWS/PCS/WCDMA/3G applications
IEEE 802.11b/g applications

Wifi Rubber Antenna

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