Li Xiaoping: Transformation seeks differentiation and takes root in local service

On the morning of October 19th, Zhongshan Station, the “2012 Traditional Lighting Transformation Led Lighting Strategy Roving Seminar” jointly sponsored by Gaogong LED, Gaogong LED Mall and “High-tech led lighting Market” magazine, ended successfully. The conference site was packed with more than 200 representatives from well-known traditional lighting companies, LED lighting companies and representatives of outstanding lighting distributors to discuss the traditional lighting industry transformation strategy.

Li Xiaoping, general manager of Auman Technology Lighting, said that the channel is an inevitable transformation and upgrading topic. We are also opening a LED commercial store in China. The store is an extension of service. With the help of local distributors, the service of the company can keep up. . A specialty store is an exhibition hall. Enterprises must learn to go out and open a store to ensure the integrity of the product. Moreover, the company's products are rich enough to support the operation of the store.

Customers have a certain sense of consumption, when purchasing products, they will choose a brand with good reputation, and will focus on the issue of cost performance. To do engineering is too tired, large projects pay special attention to quality and service, and the involvement of local distributors can keep the service and supply of the company up to date. Li Xiaoping believes that the perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales service system has established a 24-hour response mechanism, which is an important element for LED monopoly to be based on the local.

After all, as technical barriers continue to break through, products will tend to be homogenized. The future is a service-oriented society. The transformed enterprises only rely on excellent services to take the road of branding (differentiation of services). After all, the Jinbei Silver Cup is not as good as the customer's reputation.

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