LED lighting grows better than backlight in the second half

LED industry demand is expected to extend to the third quarter this year, including backlight and lighting demand will continue to rise, of which LED lighting in the second half of the year is better than the backlight, but the fourth quarter LED will return to the off-season.
Tuoba pointed out that the demand for panel backlights has been exceeded by the growth of tablet PCs, the growth of mobile phones and the increase in the average size of TVs. The overall LED backlight demand continues to rise in the second half of this year. It is estimated that the full capacity of the epitaxial plant will continue to the third. In the second half of the year, demand will be greater than the first half of the year, with a ratio of about 45:55.
In addition, the growth of lighting market demand is affected by low-cost bulbs. The lighting in the second half of the year is bright, and the growth momentum comes from price declines and government-subsidized products. The government subsidized product suppliers on both sides of the strait are expected to benefit, and the remaining chip factories will still be in demand. Limited impact, capacity demand fell.
Tuoba estimates that the overall LED market penetration rate is expected to grow to 16.75% this year. Among them, the main source of growth is the continued promotion of LED public lighting replacement by governments. In Taiwan this year, the government expects to adjust the electricity bill in October, and the summer electricity bill is higher. As the price of LED bulbs is lowered again and again, the overall LED lighting demand will grow substantially.
Among them, Taiwan's LED commercial lighting and office lighting market entered the product cycle this year. At that time, the demand for light sources and lamps for straight tube lamps, panel lamps, downlights, xenon lamps, etc. will be expected to drive demand for LED chips in Taiwan.

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