Ju Rong's "High Radiation Heat Dissipation Aluminum Substrate" has obtained multi-national patent certification

Jurong's new product patent "High Radiation Heat Dissipation Aluminum Substrate" has greatly improved the process yield of MCPCB and solved the heat dissipation problem of LED lamps. It has obtained UL E337180, SGS ROHS, Taiwan, Korea, China and other multi-national patent certificates.

According to Ju Rong, the high-radiation heat-dissipating aluminum substrate does not need to be affixed with aluminum surface protection film during MCPCB processing, which avoids the trouble of tearing glue and residual glue, shortens working hours and can resist acid and acid, and is resistant to acid washing and film removal during surface processing. Development, etching, gold, OSP corrosion resistance, no dissolution of contaminated liquid. In addition, it has high temperature resistance, can withstand high temperature above 300 °C, and can be immersed for 1 minute without delamination, non-explosive plate, anti-spraying process, and can withstand impact. It can be used in CNC, V-CUT, or punch molding. Cracking, preventing leakage, micro-short-circuit scrapping, and flexible folding, the material has ultra-high bonding force, can ensure that the deflection does not break, does not stratify, does not fall off. It can also effectively cool the HI-POWER LED substrate by 20%, with fast conduction and heat dissipation and no external heat dissipation.

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