Ji'an Province Hadashan Songyuan Irrigation Area Project Gan'an Filling Construction (Section 19 Bid) Anzi Pumping Station Water Effluent Project

This tender project Gansushan Songyuan Irrigation District Project Ji'an Ji'an Filling has been approved by the Jilin Provincial Development and Reform Commission with the document “Ji Fafa Approval Approval No. [2015] No. 147”. The construction funds are central, provincial, and local supporting funds. The bidder was the office of the Qianggan Construction and Management Management Headquarters of Songyuan Irrigation District. The project already had the tendering conditions and the project was open for public bidding.

II. Project Overview and Bidding Content
2.1 Project Name: Gan'anshan Songyuan Irrigation District Project Ji'an Ji'an Filling Construction Project (19th bid section) Anzi Pumping Station water project.
2.1.1 Project Number - GC02-G
2.1.2 Bidding scope: The main construction contents include 860.9m-long pipelines, pump station access gates, electrical equipment installation engineering, metal structural equipment installation engineering, traffic engineering, construction temporary engineering and environmental protection engineering, etc.;
2.2 The planned duration: From April 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018.
2.3 Construction site: Qian'an County.
2.4 Project quality requirements: Qualified projects that meet the acceptance criteria for construction quality of water conservancy and hydropower projects.
Third, bidder qualification requirements
3.1 The bid requires the bidder to have:
(1) Independent legal person qualifications;
(2) Enterprise legal person units with general contracting qualifications of water conservancy and hydropower projects exceeding grade ( (including 壹 grade) qualifications; project managers must have certificates of water conservancy and hydropower engineering grades (including 壹 grade) registered builders, and technical responsible persons must have Water conservancy and hydropower engineering professional senior and above titles.
(3) The bidder completed similar projects in the past five years;
(4) Good financial status and business reputation;
(5) The credit file has been filed with the Water Resources Department of Jilin Province, and has the ability to undertake the construction of the project in terms of personnel, equipment, funds, etc.
3.2 The Commonwealth does not accept bids from the Consortium.
IV. Acquisition of Bidding Documents
4.1 Any bidder who wishes to participate in the bid is invited to do so from 8:30 am to 16:00 pm (Beijing time, the same below) from February 24, 2017 to March 2, 2017 (excluding legal holidays, statutory holidays). )

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