Iphone7/Plus/Pro configuration information parameters latest exposure

Opening remarks: It is said that iphone7 will be listed in September this year. Although Xiaobian is not a fruit powder, but I still see that the Chinese people are so crazy and like "kidney machine", I can only weakly say "I really have money! (~ o ​​~)"

Iphone7/Plus/Pro configuration information parameters latest exposure

According to relevant people's exposure, this iPhone7 will launch three models: 4.7-inch traditional "small hand" / 5.5-inch Plus "big hand" and 5.7-inch Pro "local".

Another iPhone7 will provide five colors, silver, gray, gold, rose gold and purple gold (this color also "kidney machine" dare to take purple gold, the domestic machine with this color, it is estimated that people will be beaten! Hahaha~~)

In addition, iphone7 will be equipped with new 3D touch fingerprint to unlock Touch ID2.0 function, dustproof, storage capacity will also start from 32G, the software system will be improved to iOS10 system, the memory will also be upgraded to 2GB, equipped with 8 megapixel front lens, main camera 14 million pixels, but the lens will still bulge, support optical image stabilization, and a dual speaker design.

The iPhone 7 Pro is not only sized to 5.7 inches, but also with a four-speaker design. The music is dynamic, with an 8 megapixel front lens and a 16 megapixel dual camera. Supports optical image stabilization, laser focus, phase focus, and dual color temperature. The flash, the memory capacity will be upgraded to 3GB, and the processor will be the more powerful A10X, which looks more like the mobile version of the iPad Pro.

It is worth mentioning that iPhone 7/Plus/Pro will be upgraded to 1950/3150/3500 respectively and support fast charging function.

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