InContext collaborates with Intel to create better VR shopping

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September 27, Beijing time, with the constant heat of virtual reality (VR), the retail industry is also looking for a place for VR, as InContext Solutions, which has provided VR solutions for retailers and manufacturers for years, has announced that the future They will work with Intel to enter the VR ranks to meet the ever-changing requirements of the retail ecosystem, in other words, to increase consumer demand for the shopping experience.

InContext Solutions just received $15.2 million in equity financing last week. According to reports, they will combine the proprietary enterprise software as a service (SaaS) VR platform ShopperMX and Intel's technology to create innovative solutions for the retail industry. VR hardware and software.

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Mark Hardy, executive director of InContext Solutions, said: “We have always been a leader in WebVR, but with Intel technology, we can expand our product portfolio. For example, we help global manufacturers create new shelves through ShopperMX. Styles, validated with real consumer data, and then brought this successful concept to market through our ShopperMX mobile app. By working with Intel, we can incorporate new features brought by technology development into our VR. In the platform."

Joe D. Jensen, general manager of Intel's retail solutions division, pointed out: "Intel believes VR has great potential in promoting retail and manufacturing. The InContext platform has proven that VR and converged reality can provide value for these industries. We are very happy to bring the best VR technology to the market through this cooperation."

As they combine their respective technologies, it will help retailers optimize consumer shopping experience, reduce risk, and significantly reduce the money and time cost of retail innovation.

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