IDC: Global robot spending exceeded $188 billion in 2020

According to Sina Technology reported on the 11th, thanks to the expansion of the market scale, the market size of robots and related services will reach a new high in the next few years.

Although the robot has become a major focus of CES2017, it is mainly driven by cute consumer robots such as Kuri and smart home devices such as Amazon Echo. These products have robotic thinking, but the shape does not conform to the traditional perception of robots.

But in the long run, US market research firm IDC expects such products to be less important than commercial and industrial robots, and the market for robots and related services and drones will reach $188 billion by 2020.

“The stimulus for this growth includes technological advancement, increased use cases and increased market acceptance. Innovators in the robotics are offering products that can do more, which will expand the penetration of robots in more industries.” IDC Supply Chain Research manager John Santagate said in a statement on Tuesday.

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