Humidity sensor selection considerations analysis

Humidity sensor selection considerations analysis 1, select the measurement range and the measurement of weight, temperature, select the humidity sensor must first determine the measurement range. In addition to the meteorological and scientific research departments, the measurement of temperature and humidity generally does not require a full-scale wet process (0-100% RH) measurement.

2. Selecting Measurement Accuracy Measurement accuracy is the most important indicator of a humidity sensor. Each increase of -percentile points is the last step or even the last level for a humidity sensor. Because to achieve different accuracy, the manufacturing costs vary greatly, and the price difference is very far. Therefore, users must tailor their clothing to avoid blindly pursuing "high, fine, sharp".

If the humidity sensor is used at different temperatures, the indication must also consider the effect of temperature drift. As we all know, relative humidity is a function of temperature, and the temperature affects the relative humidity in a given space. Each temperature changes by 0.1°C. A humidity change (error) of 0.5% RH will be generated. If it is difficult to use a constant temperature in the occasion of use, it is not suitable to propose excessively high humidity measurement accuracy.

In most cases, the accuracy of ±5% RH is sufficient if there is no accurate temperature control method or if the space under test is unsealed. For those applications that require precise control of constant temperature, humidity, or humidity, or where moisture changes need to be tracked at any time, use a humidity sensor with an accuracy of ±3% RH or more.

Accuracy higher than ±2% RH is not even a standard humidity generator for calibration sensors, let alone the sensor itself. Relative humidity measuring instruments, even at 20-25°C, are still difficult to achieve 2% RH accuracy. The characteristics given in the general product literature are measured at room temperature (20 °C ± 10 °C) and clean gas.

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