How many degrees should I use? Washing machine heating has a saying

Many netizens who use the drum washing machine and Xiaobian reflected that when they bought the washing machine, they listened to the promoters and said that the drum washing machine could be heated and washed more cleanly, so they decided to buy a roller machine. But when you take it home, you know that many times the temperature of washing needs to be adjusted. But the temperature is high, the clothes are easy to wrinkle, and the temperature is warm.

Desktops have an advantage over laptops in that the spare parts and extensions tend to be standardized, resulting in lower prices and greater availability.

The AIO desktop computer integrates the system's internal components into the same case as the display,

 thus occupying a smaller footprint (with fewer cables) than desktops that incorporate a tower.

Touchwo All-in-one designs have used flat panel displays, and have incorporated touchscreen monitors, 

allowing them to be used similarly to a mobile tablet.

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