How does Huawei affect the hearts of the governments of Dongguan and Shenzhen?

How does Huawei, the giant of South China, affect the hearts of the governments of Dongguan and Longgang? What are the stories behind the slogan of serving Huawei? How does Huawei choose?

Asked how many monks can be, just like Huawei is heading east.

This is a portrayal of the recent mood in Shenzhen. Huawei's external migration may really hurt Shenzhen. Longgang District said in an official report: Brother can't be without Huawei. And shouted the slogan "Service Huawei, do it right away!"

Next to the younger brother Dongguan, is celebrating the meeting: In 2015, Huawei Terminal (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. became the largest revenue and taxpayer in Dongguan.

The local government’s business war has escalated. It was Foxconn who came to Shenzhen to grab the wall. Now I have to dig Huawei's corner, and I have to dig a big piece. Shenzhen can't be anxious. Move one today and move two tomorrow. The place in Songshan Lake is big.

Moreover, "the property market is booming and the manufacturing industry is shrinking" has become a reality in Longgang.

If there is no Huawei, what will Longgang be?

Longgang is a Huawei repeatedly mentioned in the report on the economic analysis of the previous two months. The report first stated that the economy was “opening the door” in the first two months of this year, industrial consumption was growing, and fiscal revenue growth was even more unnecessary (an increase of nearly 50%).

However, in addition to Huawei, the industrial output value of Longgang District fell by 14%!

“In January-February, Huawei’s output value accounted for more than 47% of the total industrial output value of the above-scale industries, and the output value growth rate was nearly 40%, which was nearly 25 percentage points higher than the regional level. If Huawei is excluded, the total industrial enterprises above designated size in our district. The output value fell by 14.3%.

All along, Huawei has created huge production value and tax revenue for our district, but there are also hidden concerns. In 2012, Huawei registered Huawei Terminal (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. in Songshan Lake based on business needs. Although Huawei's core department is still in our district, some of Huawei's business may be moved.

Our district has always been based on the development of industrial economy. In recent years, the proportion and quality of the tertiary industry have improved. While pursuing industrial structure upgrading and economic transformation, our region cannot lose the main force driving economic growth. - Industry, therefore, it is vital to serve Huawei and develop the entire industrial economy except Huawei. ”

The report calls for:

"Service Huawei, do it right away!

Huawei not only brought huge tax and industrial output value to our district, but because of its position in Shenzhen's high-tech industry, Putian Street and even our district gradually gained national and international attention, which indirectly promoted our district. The old reforms and urban renewal projects have also brought huge purchasing power to the real estate market.

Therefore, important measures to serve Huawei include: First, we must speed up the old reform of the Putian Street in our district and the speed of urban renewal. Take Jihua Road (Putian Section) as an example. The project was completed in 2009 and will not be started until the end of 2011. It is still going on, it is very important to speed up the old reform; second, Huawei's surrounding supporting facilities are not in place, and the construction of living facilities such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls, etc. should be accelerated to ensure high quality and match the status of Huawei; Huawei's reasonable demands are oriented, and relevant departments are linked to solve problems in a timely manner. ”

The above is the part of Huawei in the report. It is obvious that the government is worried and worried about Huawei's move. From the current situation, Huawei's terminal department will probably move to Dongguan as a whole. If the relocation effect is good, it is not excluded that other departments will continue to follow up.

Huawei is already the first taxpayer in Dongguan

The Huawei Songshan Lake base covers an area of ​​1900 acres, and is still adding land. Huawei's total land area in Shenzhen is 2,460 acres. The two are already equal.

How does Huawei affect the hearts of the governments of Dongguan and Shenzhen?

The large area of ​​Dongguan is not only prepared for Huawei terminals. Basically, it is enough to move all over. Other mobile phone manufacturers have not used such a large office area.

Moreover, Huawei's Green Garden Company bought two commercial and residential sites in Dongguan last year, with a building area of ​​200,000 m2 and 110,000 m2 respectively. One of the fields went through 49 rounds of auctions. It also cost more than 7 billion yuan, and the floor price averages more than 2,000 yuan. In Shenzhen, adding a zero may not be available.

At the beginning of Dongguan, it was announced at the beginning of the year. In 2015, Huawei Terminal (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. won the first place in the main business income and tax payment. The official has not released specific data, but the estimated revenue has reached 100 billion yuan, and the tax amount is about 2 billion yuan. (In 2014, the tax amount of Huawei Dongguan was still 10, only 240 million yuan.)

For these "babies", Dongguan City cares more. At the annual work summary meeting, Dongguan Mayor Yuan Baocheng deliberately placed the seats of 73 enterprises with tax payment exceeding 100 million yuan in front of the party and government organs of the city.

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