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How to safely use the luminaire and extend the life of the luminaire? Experts provide the following suggestions for everyone:

First, after buying the lamp, don't be busy installing it. You should carefully look at the markings of the lamp and read the installation instructions, and install and use the lamp according to the instructions. Otherwise, danger may occur.

Secondly, replace the aging lamp in time according to the light source parameters provided by the sign. If the lamp is red at both ends, the lamp is black or has a black shadow, and the lamp does not illuminate, the lamp should be replaced in time to prevent ballast. Unsafe phenomena such as burnout.

Thirdly, during cleaning and maintenance, care should be taken not to change the structure of the luminaire, and do not replace the parts of the luminaire. After the cleaning and maintenance is finished, the luminaire should be installed as it is, and the parts of the luminaire should not be missed or misplaced.

Fourth, the luminaires must be strengthened during use to extend their service life. Pay special attention to the following points: the lamp of the room should be wiped regularly with a dry cloth, and pay attention to prevent moisture intrusion, so as to avoid the phenomenon of rust damage or leakage short circuit for a long time; the lamp installed in the toilet and bathroom must be equipped with a moisture-proof lampshade. Otherwise, its service life will be greatly reduced; the lamps installed in the kitchen should pay special attention to the anti-smoke, because the accumulation of grease will affect the illumination of the lamp; the light-colored lampshade has good transparency, but it is easy to stick to the dust, so it is necessary to clean it. In order to avoid affecting the penetration of light; if the lamp is non-metallic, it can be wiped with a damp cloth to avoid dust accumulation and hinder the lighting effect.

Experts also reminded that when using the luminaire, try not to switch frequently, because the current through the filament is higher than the current during normal operation at the moment of frequent startup, so that the filament temperature rises sharply and accelerates sublimation, which will greatly reduce its service life. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the switch of the luminaire.

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